More Coverage of Rocky Mountain Rage and Colorado Eagles

I would like to call the local media on the carpet and would like to see more coverage of the Rocky Mountain Rage and Colorado Eagles. These two teams are fighting out for first place in the lead in the Northwest Division of the Central Hockey League and are playing some great hockey.
I know you say that they are only the minor leagues, but they are both putting an entertaining and quality product on the ice.

The Rage lost last night to the Eagles 4-1 to tie for the lead, but the Rage took that lead back this afternoon by beating the Eagles 7-1. I went with a couple friends and took the kids and we had a fun time. I’ll definitely be back.

It just would be nice to see some more coverage in the local media. Especially since the Denver Post had the time for today’s game wrong.

This is building into a pretty good rivalry and it will only get more intense as both teams fight for the division lead. Right now, it looks like these two teams will be fighting for that lead for the rest of the season.