Mackeys Public House in DC a great place to hang out

I was just searching for a nice place to relax after a crazy day at work and found one near my hotel, Mackey’s Public House.
This was a great place to read the newspaper, listen to some great music, have a wonderful dinner, and drink some good beer.

Found a place to collapse, and I ordered a Smithwicks.  Then got a menu and it looked wonderful. There were a lot of good things.

I first noticed the potato cheddar soup and I had to have that to start my meal. I then found the entree’s and had to have the Shepard’s Pie.  I was going to get the bowl of soup, but the waitress recommended I just get the cup. I was glad I did.

The soup was delicious.  It had a good flavor and hit the spot.  But a cup was enough and a bowl would have been too much.

The main dish arrived and I ordered another beer, this time a Guinness.

The shepard’s pie was wonderful. It was warm and tasteful. It was full of meat and vegetables.  And it was quite tasteful with the Guinness.

After all this, I needed something sweet and I migrated to the bread pudding.  This was good and hit the spot. It had a good consistency.

This was the perfect spot to relax after a long day and recharge your batteries.  If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends or just relax, check out Mackey’s Pub on L Street in the Northwest area of Washington, DC.

Frankie & Johnnie’s a wonderful steakhouse in New York

We were looking for a place for dinner tonight, but didn’t want to go to far away from our hotel near Times Square.  I knew of a steakhouse near Rockefeller Center, but in doing some research I found one near our hotel, Frankie and Johnnie’s.
It is on 37th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.  Walking down the street you wouldn’t think that a great steakhouse is there, but go inside and it is a wonderful place.

Downstairs is the bar and upstairs is the restaurant.  The hostess took us upstairs and we were greeted by the head waiter who promptly sat us and asked us if we would like to have anything to drink.

The service was wonderful and the Boddingtons was quite cold and tasty.

Now for the food. Continue reading “Frankie & Johnnie’s a wonderful steakhouse in New York”

Woodlands Grill is impressive restaurant, great food and service

Woodlands Grill in Westminster, Colorado is a great restaurant.  It has great food and service and we will defintely be going back.
I went their last night with my wife, sister in-law, and some friends.  We had a blast.

The drink specials were great and innovative, the wine list was quite expansive and many good choices.  We had the Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon from Cheateau Ste. Michelle in Washington and the d’Arenberg The Footbolt Shiraz.

Both wines were great, good flavors, and were reasonably priced.  We enjoyed them alot.

The food was also great.  For appetizers we had the bruschetta and hot spinach-artichoke dip.  Both didn’t last long on the table.  We enjoyed them quite a bit.

For the main course I had a ceaser salad as a warm-up and the filet of beef tenderloin.  The ceaser was wonderful and for $6 you got quite a bit of salad.  It probably could have been shared by two people.  The beef tenderloin was quite tender and delicious.  The fingerling potatoes and fresh asparagus that were served with it were good.

Other entrees that members of our party had were the goat cheese tart, french cut pork chop, and the gemelli pasta with spinach pesto and chicken.  Everyone enjoyed their meals.  My wife was still raving about her goat cheese tart this morning.

For desert, the selections were equally amazing and delicious.  I had the William Tell (an apple cake and cheesecake combination). Delicious.  Also getting rave reviews were the other two items that we had.  The snowball (a chocolate concoction surrounding white icing) and the bruscheta bread pudding had everyone enjoying desert.

Overall, the Woodlands Grill is an impressive restaurant.  We enjoyed it and will be going back.  The drink and wine menu were quite expansive and will serve all your needs, there is something for everyone on the menu, and the deserts will leave you breathless.

I would highly recommend the Woodlands Grill for any meal, whether you are out with family, friends, or for business.  The service and food will not let you down.