I’ll miss Tim Russert

I just want to say that I’ll miss Tim Russert.
I enjoyed watching “Meet the Press” and listening to his thoughts and insight into political activities on NBC News and MSNBC.  It was quite entertaining and he made it fun because he enjoyed it.

For those of you who don’t know, he passed away today at the age of 58.

I remember back to the Bush-Gore election and Russert was on the news speculating on the electoral college and who was going to win.  It was back-and-forth and he kept erasing his white board.  I was up late that night and Tim was still there with his white board.

I had the opportunity to see Tim speak in person at the PRSA International Conference last fall in Philadelphia.  It was quite a speech and most of it spoke of the upcoming Presidential election.  But he was most proud when he was talking about his book and his dad.

Tim Russert will be missed, especially as we go through this upcoming election.  He made politics fun while educating us and providing a look into the campaigns.

Michigan Results Interesting

I am wondering how long Fred Thompson is going to stay in the race.  In watching the results, he was even losing to Ron Paul.  Finishing fifth in the race does not show well.
I am wondering how Giuliani’s strategy of waiting to Florida is panning out.  He wouldn’t have done well in the early states anyway, but by not campaigning in those states, a half-hearted attempt in New Hampshire, he has lost the momentum that he once had.

Giuliani finished behind Thompson.  By waiting to Florida, he may already be out of the race.

The Endless Campaign by Karl Rove

The Endless Campaign – WSJ.com
This is an excellent op-ed by Karl Rove, the former adviser to President George W. Bush.

The Iowa caucuses are 14 days away, with the New Hampshire primary five days later. And what follows from there won’t be pretty. The way Americans are selecting our presidential candidates in 2008 is, frankly, a mess.

I would agree with this.  States who have traditionally been later in the process have worked to move themselves up to be more relevant.  To keep their place at the beginning of the process, Iowa and New Hampshire have moved themselves up earlier in January.  There were even rumblings that Iowa or New Hampshire would hold their election between Christmas and New Years.  That would have been ridiculous.

What Rove is advocating is that we have a longer primary process, spread out over a couple months and not a couple days.  There is a chance that we will know who will win the election by late February or early March (or we may not know at all going into the conventions) and we will have a long, stale summer leading up to the conventions at the end of August and early September.

Rove sums it up best at the end of his op-ed, “Longer, earlier and shorter — at least when it comes to selecting our presidential candidates — is not in the country’s best interests. The presidential primary mayhem and next year’s seemingly endless general election campaign will be compelling evidence for reform.”

Tancredo to Abandon Presidential Bid, Maybe Run for Senate

Tancredo to Abandon Presidential Bid – washingtonpost.com
Tom Tancredo, a Republican Congressman from Colorado is abandoning his bid for President.  Tancredo was running on the illegal immigration platform and by running for President allowed him to get the press and coverage he desired to get his point across to the country, that we need to eliminate illegal immigration and prosecute and return to their native country all illegal immigrants.

To me this is something that is impossible and inhumane.  Tancredo’s views are a little off the deep-end and never caught on with the American public.  The new immigration policy, if anyone ever has the guts to develop something and get it implemented, must work to curb illegal immigration while working to incorporate those who are currently here.

We need to work to stop the incentives for coming here.  If we are not able to do that, then we will never be able to curb or eliminate illegal immigration.

The next big question is what happens to Tancredo.  He has already said that he won’t be running for re-election to his Congressional seat.  Is he going to run for the Senate in Colorado?

I happen to think that he is.  He is going to work to keep his message in the conversation and running for the open seat being vacated by Wayne Allard will do that.  The problem is that he is getting a late start for that race.  He also is a real polarizing person and in today’s political climate in Colorado that will not do it.  To get elected in Colorado you need to be a moderate and pull votes from both major parties and independents.

There is going to be a lot of media focused on the Senate race in Colorado this year.  Tancredo just doesn’t have it to make it to the election in November.

Just a side note, Tom Tancredo for President has to be one of the worst website home pages for a Presidential candidate.  It takes too many clicks to get to the information on where he stands on issues.