Veronica Belmont Joins Revision 3 as Tekzilla Cohost

I knew something like this would happen when Veronica Belmont announced that she was leaving Mahalo Daily. She had been helping out as a co-host on Tekzilla a couple times. It is nice to see and I look forward to more from Tekzilla and Revision 3.
Watch the episode.

This show was good. But I think that it will get a lot better with Veronica co-hosting and being at Revision 3. It will be interesting to see how Mahalo Daily evolves.

Commodore 64 versus Apple IIe

On the CNET Daily News Podcast, they went old school today discussing the Commodore 64 and the Apple IIe.
This podcast brought back a lot of memories for me because we had an Apple IIe in our house and it was fun to play with a variety of programs that Apple had out at the time.  Appleworks were key, but it was fun to play our with basic and get the computer to do fun things.

But what was the best was going to some of my friends houses and the time and playing games on the Commodore 64.  We would load up the cassette tape and wait 15 to 30 minutes for a game to load and then we would go at it for hours.

Recently, the Commodore 64 celebrated its 25th Anniversary.  It is hard to believe that the Commodore came out that long ago.  But it would have been the right time for me to be 13 years old.  I remember how dedicated we were to get programs.

We would get magazines and the code for the programs would be in there.  Several pages long.  You would code a line and get a confirmation code.  If the code matched the code on the screen, then you coded the screen correctly.  I can’t even remember the magazine names now.

It is a lot different today than it was back then.  I mean,  the Commodore 64 had a screen resolution 360 x 268 and 64 KB of RAM.

Animation of C64 Startup

The programs around today wouldn’t even be able to run on this system.  But it did the job and launched the career or many programmers and computer geeks.  It helped start the revolution amongst a wider audience than previous computers did.  It was just affordable.

News.Com Podcast Ends Early

I listen to the Daily Tech News podcast, but I have a problem, it always cuts off early.  As they are finishing up the podcast, it just cuts off.
Most recently, they have been running the new Buzz Out Loud Podcast commercials, and those are what is getting cut off.

You may wonder why I care about the commercials at the end of a podcast being cut-off.  Well, the new Buzz Out Loud commercials are pretty good and funny, especially the South Park one.

Also, it is sometimes not a commercial.  Sometimes it is the content of the show and sometimes a story that I am interested in.

This does not happen on any other podcast that I listen to, so I am assuming it is something that is happening in the production of this show.  I use iTunes and have heard of problems like this.  But it does not happen to any other podcast.

News.Com Daily Tech News podcast, I would appreciate you taking a look at this.  I would also be interesting in hearing if anyone else is having this problem.  Leave a comment and let me know.