Rapids lose again

The Rapids lose again. While they can’t score, the defense needs to stop the errors. Too many mistakes early in the match. Combine that with a Pickens error and that is a loss.

While this was going to be a tough match to win, a point would have been nice. Now they have to play flawlessly throughout the rest of the season if they want a chance to make the playoffs.

I witnessed the worst officiating in Major League Soccer tonight

I just watched the worst officiated Major League Soccer match this evening. It was horrible and led to one Los Angeles Galaxy goal and almost allowed it to be tied by the Colorado Rapids in stoppage time at the end of the game.
I coach young boys in soccer and always tell them respect the referee and you can’t depend on their calls or be beat by their calls, but tonight I was totally disgusted by the officiating by the official Major League Soccer brought to Dicks Sporting Goods Park.

One call led to a goal for LA Galaxy. I watched the play and there wasn’t even a foul. The referee blew the whistle out of no where. Beckham does what he does and serves it into the box and ball ends up in the back of the net.

Later, Robbie Keane takes a dive and gets the foul. It was a horrible call and the referee throws a yellow at Larentowicz for dissent. I saw the LA Galaxy players do that several times and no yellow was given.

Later in the second half, Drew Moor goes up for a goal kick against a Galaxy player and gets called for a foul. Both players were going for the ball and it was a 50-50 ball. Just horrible call. There were many worse plays on headers including Tony Cascio getting leveled in the box in the first half.

Now Galaxy supporters will point to the penalty kick given to the Rapids later in the match. I saw it pretty clear and was a horrible call. There was no penalty on that play. But I guess the referee thought he should give the Rapids a chance. The referee was so out of position he couldn’t have called it.

Now Omar Cummings take of the penalty was even worse, but that is another story.

All the people who love soccer and Major League Soccer are getting quite tired of the horrible officiating that occurs on the pitch. It needs to be fair and accurate both ways. Officials need to be in the correct position throughout the match. If they can’t do that, they don’t deserve to be on the pitch.

Let’s hope Major League Soccer does something about it.

Colorado Rapids Win MLS Cup

The Colorado Rapids won the Major League Soccer Cup in a physical match, but one that was fun to watch, with a 2-1 OT win over FC Dallas.
FC Dallas started the scoring when David Ferriera scored on a beautiful cross from Chavez when the Rapids failed to mark Ferriera.

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But FC Dallas would score no more. Conner Casey got the Rapids even with a goal from his rear when he found the ball in a pile of bodies and put it in.

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The rest of regular time no one scored despite efforts from both teams. But in the beginning of the 2nd OT, Kandji kicked a ball off FC Dallas defender John and it found the goal for an own goal.

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If you watch the replay, Kandji got a boot to the knee and was unable to finish the game. The Rapids finished with 10 men and withstood a rampant attack by FC Dallas including Pickens making a wonderful diving save.

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The Rapids bring home its first MLS Championship and hopefully many more to come.

Go Rapids!

Some Random Thoughts…

Here are some random thoughts:

  • TCU will surpass Boise State in the BCS standings this weekend. TCU blew out #5 Utah today on the road. They take the inside track to be the one-and-only non-automatic qualifier to make the Bowl Championship Series Bowls. Boise State stands a good chance to go undefeated and not make it. This will open up a whole bunch of scrutiny that the BCS doesn’t want but would deserve.
  • The Major League Soccer playoffs get real interesting because the Eastern Conference Finals will take place in Denver between the Colorado Rapids and San Jose Earthquakes on November 13. These two teams from the Western Conference were put in the Eastern Conference after only the top two teams from the East qualified for the playoffs and then promptly lost in the 1st round. Denver come out and support the Rapids!
  • Finally Keith Olbermann should have been suspended by NBC for what he did. They have it outlined for all their employees and he crossed the line. It never looks good when you give money to a politician the same day that you have them on for an interview on your show. It’s also hypocritical of him because he called out Fox News for the same thing. Yes there is his 1st amendment right, but journalists have a different ethical standard that they need to live by.

Well that is it for now. I’m getting nervous of how bad this winter will be. It’s been way to nice this fall. I think Mother Nature will make is pay soon.