On Day Care, Google Makes a Rare Fumble

Talking Business – On Day Care, Google Makes a Rare Fumble – NYTimes.com
Google gets positioned as the company that everyone wants to work for because of all they do for their employees.  But in the case of day care, they are falling through the cracks.

By raising the cost of day care, they are creating an elitist atmosphere and a division within their employee ranks.  In creating this division, employees are not happy and many of the brightest are now leaving for other companies.

I am hoping that this shows other companies how not to treat their employees.

Why are weekends so busy?

Why are weekends so busy?
It is getting crazy, especially now the kids are getting older. It all starts on Saturday morning running them to gym and ballet.

Then it is home to get work done and errands. Plus there is church on Sunday mornings and yardwork. It just never ends.

This weekend is going to be worse.

We have the usual Saturday morning and have to miss the annual clean-upin Westminster. It would have been good to have the kids participate.

Additionally my wife is taking our daughter to a ballet Saturday afternoon and then off to a birthday party for a friend.

I think I will have to take a break on Sunday and get stuff done around the house.

I guess this is what it will be like for many more years with young kids. One thing, it is sure fun doing stuff with them.