Frontier Messed Up Today

Frontier Airlines has really messed up today. We were supposed to leave at 11:45 today. But we are still sitting in Denver, instead of getting ready to land in Washington, DC.
We are all on the plane, but we’re not going anywhere. This flight was late getting to Denver and now we are waiting for a part to fix the captains chair.

So instead of getting to DC at 5 pm, we are getting in around 7. There goes my opportunity to have an early dinner and get ready for the week.

I am hoping we get in at a reasonable time. I really like Frontier, but now that Republic Airlines is running the show, I may have to rethink my loyalty.

Why I won’t stay with Frontier if Southwest absorbs them

I think that everyone needs to be really nervous about Southwest acquiring Frontier Airlines.
Once the airport moved from Stapleton to Denver International Airport, DIA was one of the most expensive airports in the country to fly in or out of. There was one reason for this. No competition.

Once the move was made, United became the dominant carrier and Continental removed Denver as a hub city. There was really no one else here to keep United’s prices in check. And then came along Frontier. Continue reading “Why I won’t stay with Frontier if Southwest absorbs them”

Why would I want to fly American Airlines?

I have rarely flown American Airlines and I will probably never, ever fly them again.
Today American Airlines announced that they are going to be charging $15 for the first checked bagUnited Airlines announced that it is “seriously studying” charging for the first bag.

That is ridiculous.  I was upset when United said they were going to charge for the second checked bag, but now for the first one?

The airlines are struggling with a business plan that is getting hammered with competition and soaring fuel prices. So they are cutting services, flights, and charging more for different things.

This is only going to alienate the flying public.  I think this bodes well for airlines like Frontier who still treat their passengers well.

I switched a couple years ago to flying Frontier Airlines over United for personal flights and only fly United or another carrier when work says I have to.  I don’t need frills, but I want to be respected and treated fairly. I am getting that on Frontier, not on the other airlines.

Frontier is stuggling a little bit, but I think they will come out of this mess a stronger airline that will survive into the future.

I am not so sure about American, United, Continental, and others.  Charging for the first bag is just plain stupid and makes bad business sense.

It is going to make boarding a flight harder, people are going to be carrying more on board, and it is just going to be a mess.

And if they are charging for the first and second bag.  They better not lose it.  If someone is paying for it, it better be waiting when they get to the luggage carousel.  They are paying for a service, the airline better deliver!

Flight from Washington, DC, to Denver is a long one

The flight home to Denver is quite a long one, about four hours long.Flying east, the trip is almost an hour shorter than the return flight.

The anticipation of getting home might play into the length of the
flight even longer.

As you can tell, I am ready to get home. I should be home in time to
surprise the kids and pick them up at school.

It should be a fun weekend, even though I was gone only a couple of

Fly Frontier Airlines Please!

Please fly Frontier Airlines.
This airline provides great service, to great locations, and it is a pleasant airline to fly.  I enjoy them over any other airline that flies in-and-out of Denver.

I will do whatever I can to fly them. For example, I had a conference in Maryland and instead of flying into BWI, I fly into Washington National.  I just did not want to fly United.

For those of you who don’t know, Frontier recently declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Their credit card processor wanted to keep a larger percentage of money from credit card purchases that people used for advance reservations.

This would have significantly reduced their liquidity to operate in the coming months.  So to protect that liquidity, they declared Chapter 11 to reorganize.

As mentioned earlier, I fly Frontier Airlines a lot.  There is a lot of competition in Denver from United and Southwest.  But those airlines’ service does not add up to the friendly service I get at Frontier Airlines.  It is quite an experience and having TV on flights is a plus.

Fly Frontier Airlines and help out this hometown, homegrown, and pleasant airline.

United Airlines to Charge $25 for Second Bag

Well that does it, I won’t be flying United Airlines for personal travel anymore. If they are going to charge my $25 for a second bag, then they don’t deserve my business.
In an article in the Denver Post, United Airlines says that it costs more for them to handle a second bag so they need to charge for it. They need to charge $25 for a second bag? That is ridiculous.

Since they are going to be charging that much for a second bag, I don’t need to fly them. There are many different airlines that I can fly out of Denver International Airport that won’t charge me additional money for a second bag, that I can take them.

United, You just lost a customer that has flown over 200,000 miles on your airline. Get a clue and stop milking your consumers because you were negotiated bad contracts and can’t afford to compete in todays market even after getting concessions from your employees.

Personally I like Frontier Airlines. They are treating their consumers well and provide a lot of destinations for where I want to travel to. If you are looking for an alternative to United Airlines, fly on Frontier.