MSNBC and Fox News is to journalism as Bernie Madoff is to investments – Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O’Reilly and the death of real news – Washington Post
This was a great story on the death of real news.

One quote from Koppel really stood out.

Beginning, perhaps, from the reasonable perspective that absolute objectivity is unattainable, Fox News and MSNBC no longer even attempt it. They show us the world not as it is, but as partisans (and loyal viewers) at either end of the political spectrum would like it to be. This is to journalism what Bernie Madoff was to investment: He told his customers what they wanted to hear, and by the time they learned the truth, their money was gone.

Fox News Anchor Walks Off Set

An interesting thing happened on “Fox and Friends” this morning when anchor Brian Kilmeade walked off the set after his co-hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy had a disagreement with him over remarks Barack Obama had about his grandmother. I learned of this on the Huffington Post.

Chris Wallace even came on later and was not happy with the two co-hosts and how they had been bashing Obama.

For a main stream television news show to constantly attack Obama for a comment that is being played over-and-over again, albeit out of context, is not professional journalism. It is sensational and uncalled for. When someone tried to balance the conversation and move the conversation to something else, they attacked them.

I watch quite a few political shows and yesterday and today there were some good conversations and debates about this quote, but this was not a good conversation or debate. It was an attack.

I have watched “Fox and Friends” a few times and what they call news is horrible. It is quite bad, not objective, and worthless. In fact, I think that Fox News is entirely sensational and does not truly represent the news.

It would be nice if we could get beyond race in our discussions, but people in this country won’t let that happen. Right now it is hurting Obama. We should be focusing on a debate of ideals and issues, not whether they are a particular race or what they say about race.