Why Football “Soccer” is slow to catch on in the United States

Football, or soccer as it is called in the States, is slowing gaining speed in the United States. But the reason that it proceeding slowly can be tracked to the game today, the officiating.
The USA won this match and everyone in the world knows it, but it goes down as a draw because of some bad officiating. But there were some mysterious calls against the Yanks leading to the ultimate one when the USA had the go ahead goal taken away by some mysterious foul that the official refused to say who committed it.

The game deserves an explanation and FIFA needs to reign in their officials only placing their best officials in these games. The official from Mali was horrible and should be sent home never to officiate again. All you have to do is watch the game and see the horrible calls.

A non-call on an offsides against Slovenia that led to a goal, a handball called against Findley that hit off his shoulder and head that led to a yellow card and a disqualification for the next match, and several fouls that weren’t called on Slovenia. One should have been called on a foul against Altidore in the box for a penalty kick.

We can all hope that FIFA gets it act together for the remaining games. This is truly a great sport and a world sport, but we deserve world class officiating also. Once that happens, the sport will continue to grow and a break-neck speed in the United States.