Let us all give thanks this year

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Photo by Micah H.
Photo by Micah H.

As we all gather for Thanksgiving this year, despite what is going on we have a lot to be thankful for. 

There is a lot of discourse in the United States after a long and heated election. It is continuing now after the surprise outcome that many did not see coming.

But we need to be thankful, thankful we live in a country that allows for the discussion and disagreement to take place. There are many countries in the world that do not allow for this to happen.

We need to be thankful that in two months we will have a peaceful transition of the presidency. There have been many transitions of leaders around the world that have not been peaceful.

While we are celebrating we must not forget the history we have to learn from. For this we are thankful because we can learn from it and not make those same mistakes again. This world is closer and more diverse than ever, we need to be sure that people from all backgrounds are safe and protected. 

Finally, we should be thankful for our family and friends. Without them, specifically for me, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I hope that is the same for you too.

If it is not, there are places where you can go to get that love and support. I hope you can find that.

There is a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day in 2016. Let us all pause and think about it and try to combat all th negativity that surrounds us this season. 

Why are weekends so busy?

Why are weekends so busy?
It is getting crazy, especially now the kids are getting older. It all starts on Saturday morning running them to gym and ballet.

Then it is home to get work done and errands. Plus there is church on Sunday mornings and yardwork. It just never ends.

This weekend is going to be worse.

We have the usual Saturday morning and have to miss the annual clean-upin Westminster. It would have been good to have the kids participate.

Additionally my wife is taking our daughter to a ballet Saturday afternoon and then off to a birthday party for a friend.

I think I will have to take a break on Sunday and get stuff done around the house.

I guess this is what it will be like for many more years with young kids. One thing, it is sure fun doing stuff with them.