The Democratic National Convention is complete, a tremendous success for Denver

I just want to say, Denver has a lot to be proud of for hosting this years Democratic National Convention.
The final event tonight came off tremendously well and looked very good on television.  The speech that Barack Obama gave tonight was amazing. He came out firing with all guns blazing. The Democrats finally came out with their messages and Obama looked really good, he is a great orator. 

Denver has always been portrayed as a cow town, wanting to become a big city in the likes of Chicago, San Francisco, and Atlanta.  Well after this, it has moved into that status.  Denver is now one of the greatest cities in this country and it the west in the minds of the rest of the country.

Something that I have always known.

Denver has a lot to be proud of.  But there is one thing that need improvement.

While the Denver Police did a great job of protecting everyone, they had a lot of bad incidents that reflected negatively on Denver and the residents here.  It is something they need to improve and improve quickly.

Good job Denver, you should be proud!

Denver Police are giving Denver a bad name – Democrats helping

The Denver Police Department continue to give the City of Denver a bad name. It only escalated today when they arrested a reporter/producer for ABC news who was investigating a breakfast meeting between Democrat Senators and high value donors.
I usually try and give the Police the benefit of the doubt, but they have gone way to far during the DNC.  We have a consitution in this country and the Denver Police and other law enforcement are not following it.

The reporter/producer was standing on the sidewalk and a hotel guard came out of the Brown Palace, who happened to be a Boulder County Sheriff.  The guard then proceeded to push him out into the street.

A little while later, at least five Denver Police officers came back and arrested the reporter.  They say the Brown Palace signed a complaint. How can they sign a complaint against someone who is doing nothing wrong on a public sidewalk?

Originally they wouldn’t tell ABC what he was being arrested for, but then came back and said that he was being arrested on charges of interference, trespass and failure to obey a lawful order.

How can that be?  The video clearly shows that he is on a public sidewalk and he and his crew are not blocking it.

Tuesday, a women was in civic center park protesting when they saw someone getting arrested. They were trying to find out why when a police officer came up and pushed her knocking her to the ground (she alleges that she was hit about four times by the same officer).

The video shows the officer saying, “Back up, b—-“.  She was then speaking with reporters and the police came up and grabbed her and arrested her.

At least the Denver Police Internal Affairs is investigating and the officer has been reassigned away from assignments that will bring him in contact with protestors.

The Democrats, who play themselves as defenders of the First Amendment, are doing their best to silence the media and the Denver Police are playing into their hands.  

As an American, whether or not you agree with what the reporter or the protestor was doing, you should stand-up and defend their right to do so.  It is a basic right for anyone to do so.  Anything less would be un-American.