Daylight Savings Time Begins…

Well this is the second time that Daylight Savings Time is beginning the second Sunday in March. Even though I like the sun being out later, it is quite dark in the morning.
I have been quite exhausted at work and this will only intensify this week because of the lost hour of sleep tonight.

Congress passed the new Daylight Savings Time rules as part of the Energy Bill a couple of years ago to save energy. But there are reports recently that more energy is used than saves because we switch so early.

As mentioned earlier I like the sun, but I am not sure it is worth the additional energy.

Day Light Savings Goes Away Until March

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back on Sunday morning at 2 A.M.  Day Light Savings ends and won’t show up again until March.
I am not quite understanding Congress’s reasoning behind moving DST back one week from the last Sunday in October until the first Sunday in November.  This week has been especially hard because the sun has been coming up so late that it has been hard to get motivated in the morning.

But the time has come to begin getting up in the dark and heading home in the dark.  Have I ever told you how I hate the winter?  I love May, June, & July when we have extremely long days and the sun is up for a long time.

I loved it when I was living in northern Idaho and the sun wouldn’t set until almost 10 P.M. or later in the summer.

Well I guess it will be time to get out and take walks at lunch now, otherwise I will never see the sun during the week.

See you in March DST.