Boulder woman ticketed for dyeing her poodle pink

Boulder woman ticketed for dyeing her poodle pink:The Rocky Mountain News
This is just nuts and would only happen in the People’s Republic of Boulder. This is a community that allowed someone to steal property from someone else because those landowners were not around to stop it.

The People’s Republic seems more intent showing that they have power and will use it than using common sense in carrying out there jobs. Now someone has to waste their own time and city has to waste the courts time in deciding on this issue.

A women is using beet juice and sometimes kool-aid to dye the dog’s hair. The dog is not having a reaction to it.

Common sense needs to prevail in this issue and the court needs to throw it out. Maybe they should personally charge the humane society for the wasted time of the court also.

Mateo Restaurant Blows It, Sunflower Restaurant Saves the Evening

This was shaping up to be a fun evening. My sister in-law was in town from New York and the kids day-care was hosting a parents night out so it set up for the adults to head out for a dinner with adult conversation. (Don’t get me wrong, we love our kids, but sometimes it is nice to get out and have an adults night.)
Well my wife and I had been to Mateo in Boulder a couple times and had wonderful experiences. But we hadn’t been there for a couple years and decided to head back and take my sister in-law.

My wife made the reservations and they even called me last night to confirm that we were coming. We dropped the kids off and headed for Boulder.

Well when we arrived, they wanted to sit us at one of their small patio tables that they had brought in from outside. It also had the small uncomfortable patio chairs. Something that I don’t want to sit at or on when we will be having a nice leisurely dinner and spending $150-$200 for the pleasure.

All the other tables are nice with comfortable padded chairs.

Well we tried to get another table and they basically said that the only other thing they had available was the community table. All the other tables were spoken for. We even spoke to who appeared to be the manager or owner and he was not helpful at all.

I have never been so mad or upset in my life when I have gone out to eat. They should not treat their customers like that. If they don’t have a table, they should never have accepted the reservation. Or if someone made a reservation after us, they should have been turned down. It is not professional and does not show respect to us as their customers.

Well we need to find a place to eat, so we headed west on Pearl Street a couple blocks and found Sunflower. What a difference from Mateo.

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