Bloggers vs PR – The Aftermath | WebProNews

Bloggers vs PR – The Aftermath | WebProNews
This is a great interview that looks at the state of PR and bloggers.

There are some definite opinions that PR and bloggers should never meet.  But in my opinion, I think that there is a place where the two can come together.

PR professionals need to understand the medium while also treating and respecting bloggers like they respect reporters.  Bloggers can carry significant clout in a business line or issue.  If they feel disrespected or get mad, watch out.

Take a look at the article and let me know what you think.

WordPress 2.3

I have upgraded to WordPress 2.3 and it was as easy as pie.
I have had no problems and it is working great. I am greatly interested in how this is going to work, especially tagging.

I tried to use some of the plugins that incorporated tagging and they never quite worked.

So far I am enjoying WordPress 2.3.