Fly away little birdy

While I was traveling for work, the little birdy who was growing in a nest on our front door decided to leave the nest and fly away.
It was nice to see it leave.  Now the fun stuff begins.  I get to clean the door and throw away the wreath and nest.

We will be more deligent next year and make sure the wreath is gone before spring so another birdie does not build a nest there.

A little birdy growing up…

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a bird had built a nest, a finch to be specific, in our wreath on our front door.  I took a look and noticed there was an egg in it.
We’ll I just let it go.  I never saw the mother, so I thought the egg was dead.  Well a week-in-a-half later I took another look and there was a chick.  Then I tried to watch it, I neve saw it move.

I even checked it last week and I couldn’t see if it had moved or not.  But I still saw the mother flying in and out.

Well yesterday I saw the chick and it was moving.  It’s eyes were moving and I could see it breathing.

So after thinking it was dead twice, we are trying to minimize our use of the front door so it can continue to grow and not have a lot of interruptions.

It is getting feathers now and it shouldn’t be much longer.  We’ll do our best to help it get a good start into the world.

I just have to keep the kids away.  I will show them what it looks like though.