Some Random Thoughts…

Here are some random thoughts:

  • TCU will surpass Boise State in the BCS standings this weekend. TCU blew out #5 Utah today on the road. They take the inside track to be the one-and-only non-automatic qualifier to make the Bowl Championship Series Bowls. Boise State stands a good chance to go undefeated and not make it. This will open up a whole bunch of scrutiny that the BCS doesn’t want but would deserve.
  • The Major League Soccer playoffs get real interesting because the Eastern Conference Finals will take place in Denver between the Colorado Rapids and San Jose Earthquakes on November 13. These two teams from the Western Conference were put in the Eastern Conference after only the top two teams from the East qualified for the playoffs and then promptly lost in the 1st round. Denver come out and support the Rapids!
  • Finally Keith Olbermann should have been suspended by NBC for what he did. They have it outlined for all their employees and he crossed the line. It never looks good when you give money to a politician the same day that you have them on for an interview on your show. It’s also hypocritical of him because he called out Fox News for the same thing. Yes there is his 1st amendment right, but journalists have a different ethical standard that they need to live by.

Well that is it for now. I’m getting nervous of how bad this winter will be. It’s been way to nice this fall. I think Mother Nature will make is pay soon.

Throw out the BCS, we need a true National Champion, My Plan

We need a true national champion, not the Bowl Championship Series, something that is controlled by six college football leagues; the SEC, Big East, ACC, Big 12, Pac 10, and Big Ten.
We don’t see a clearer cut reason this year than the three undefeated teams that won’t get a chance to play for a National Championship; Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State.

TCU and Boise State are two non-BCS conference schools and they have been stuck playing each other in the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. They big schools were afraid of them and didn’t want them embarrassing their conference schools.

Cincinnati is from the Big East and will be playing in the Sugar Bowl against Florida.

Those three schools should have an equal chance at playing for the National Championship as Texas and Alabama will.

There are excuses, plenty of them, but the main excuse is that there is not enough time and the student athletes would miss too much school. That is an unacceptable excuse for me. Continue reading “Throw out the BCS, we need a true National Champion, My Plan”

The elitist thing: BCS schools want have-nots to have a little less –

The elitist thing: BCS schools want have-nots to have a little less –
This story by Ray Ratto is great. It also is the perfect example why the BCS should go, be investigated for collusion, and why we need a true playoff in Division I college football.

The only reason the BCS exists is to make money for the five BCS conferences. That is not what college football is about.