Apple TV Updates

Has anyone heard when the Apple TV updates are going to be available?
It was supposed to be two weeks after the Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld, but nothing has come across yet.

Just checking.

Apple to unveil rentals from even more studios at Macworld?

Apple to unveil rentals from even more studios at Macworld? – Engadget
The Apple rumors are starting to fly as MacWorld gets closer and the New York Times is getting involved also.

Everyone had been hearing that Apple was going to announce a movie rental business with Fox, but the New York Times is reporting that they will have movie deals with other studios.

I have an Apple TV and love it. If they add movie rentals to it, then it will only enhance what I have. I may have to consider canceling my Netflix description. Who knows.

It will be interesting to see what happens at MacWorld.

Apple Having Post-Thanksgiving Sale?

It looks like Apple is having another post-Thanksgiving sale in their retail stores and online.
I am interested in seeing what mark down items they have.

According their website, the sale runs from Midnight PST to 11:59 PM PST on November 23, 2007.

Good Hunting?

Chris Pirillo: Apple Trusts Us, Microsoft Doesn’t

Chris Pirillo has a really good point about the new Leopard release. Apple trusts you. They don’t require activation. If you buy the one disc version, it trusts you to install it on one computer. If you buy the family pack, you can install it on up to five computers.
The problem is that Microsoft doesn’t trust you. It has a complicated authentication process and digital rights that returns a large number of errors that disables Windows for users who have a legal copy.

Check this out.

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes

It’s official: Leopard to go on sale October 26

It’s official: Leopard to go on sale October 26 | Tech news blog – CNET
Apple has now made it official.  Leopard will launch on October 26 at 6 PM.  If you want to keep track, Apple has put a countdown timer on their website.

The news also gets better for those of you who bought an Apple computer after October 1.  You can get a copy of Leopard for free. The only problem is that they are charging you $9.95 for shipping.

There are a lot of good features in this and will help Apple continue to gain on Windows.

Is the Apple TV officially a flop? (Or: How to fix Apple TV)

Is the Apple TV officially a flop? (Or: How to fix Apple TV) | Crave : The gadget blog
This is from the Crave blog on CNET.  I would have to agree that so far it is a flop and I have one.

One of the biggest complaints that I have is that the video resolution that I download is not that good.  As the article points out, the movie and television shows sold are optimized for the iPod and its smaller screens.

But when you view it on a HD television, it looks blurry.  It just doesn’t work.  Some video podcasts look a lot better than the television shows that I have purchased.

I would be intrigued with a rental option, but unless they get a higher resolution it would be a tough sell for me.  Since I have an HD television, I would like to see them as HD.

I like my Apple TV, but they need to improve it so it can continue to grow.

Owners of unlocked iPhones hosed by software update

Owners of unlocked iPhones hosed by software update | Crave : The gadget blog
Well the war has begun. People who hacked their iPhones vs Apple.

I don’t personally have an iPhone, but I think it is ridiculous for Apple to treat their customers this way. If someone wants to hack their phone for additional functionality, they should be able to.

The law allows you to unlock your phone and I think Apple and AT&T crossed the line. Also, people did not receive a discount on their phone to be a slave to a service.

I think this is setting up Apple and AT&T for a lawsuit and a lot of unnecessary bad publicity. AT&T is already struggling with bad service and the sales of the iPhone are starting to lag behind expectations.

This move could have a big effect on stock prices of both companies.