Well DHL Finally Delivers Package

DHL finally delivered the package that I have been waiting for, 21 days after it was shipped.
It has been sitting in Denver since December 26 and after DHL gave it to a courier to deliver, who couldn’t manage to do that, and took it back to deliver themselves.

These shipping companies, mainly United Parcel Service and DHL, need to better manage their delivery of packages during storms.  From what I am hearing, people have had nothing but problems.

You would think that these companies would be better prepared and if I was a shareholder I would be concerned.

DHL Not Coming Through

DHL has even been more pathetic that United Parcel Service in their delivery of packages to people in the Denver area following the snow storm in Denver prior to Christmas.
My package has been in Denver since December 26 and with all the problems I expected a few delays.  But it is over two weeks late now.

It wouldn’t be as bad, but they have been calling me and telling me that they have brought in a special courier to help them and they have it for delivery, but they never deliver it either.  Then they tell me it is on the truck for delivery and it is not delivered.  Today they called and said that it was on a truck and would be delivered today, TODAY! And guess what, it wasn’t.

It is now scheduled for delivery tomorrow.  I will believe it when I see it.

This was a product that I ordered from Adobe and they have not been much help either.  They only called DHL for me to complain and that didn’t help either.  Adobe also bears some stake in this because they use DHL to ship their merchandise.

Learn how to ship DHL and learn how to perform customer service.

Avalanche Traps 8, Only 1 Admitted to the Hospital

According to the Rocky Mountain News, only one person was admitted to the hospital in the avalanche that occurred on Berthoud Pass today.  The avalanche happened on what is known as the Stanley run.
There are many avalanche paths that cross Highway 40, but it is unusual for avalanches to come down uncontrolled in this area.  The Colorado Department of Transportation regularly inspects and does control work throughout the whole highway.

But it appears that the wind that came up this morning loaded the starting zone before anyone realized what was going on and could stop traffic and do control work in the area.

I am glad that no one was killed or seriously injured.

Read the complete Rocky Mountain News Story, (No one else trapped; eight taken to hospital)

More Information on Avalanche in Berthoud Pass

It is now being reported that the avalanche occurred in the biggest avalanche area on Berthoud Pass, the Stanley Run.
It is located on the east side of Berthoud Pass, just south the top of the pass.

Apparently CDOT has been doing control work in the area through the storms and was last done on Wednesday. This morning the conditions were fine, but there was a lot of wind that has come up and depositing snow in those avalanche runs and this may be the cause.

This is all from the spokesman from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

Avalanche Buries Hwy 40 Over Berthoud Pass

Various news stations are just reporting an avalanche over Berthoud Pass, about 35 miles west of Denver. There are reports of cars being trapped and buried and maybe even some cars being pushed over the side of the road.
This is a major highway for people to access Winter Park Ski Area. With all the new snow we have had and it being a Saturday, there were a lot of people heading to the mountains and skiing.

Highway 40 is a two to three lane road with many switchbacks and numerous avalanche runs coming down and crossing the highway. It is a pretty step valley. Usually, the Colorado Department of Transportation does control work in this area, so it is amazing this has happened here.

The drainage where this avalanche took place has been influenced by the last three storms that have hit the Colorado area. These avalanche runs also receive a lot of wind deposited snow from the west. It is a dangerous area when there is a big deposit of snow and wind with those storms.

I hope the rescuers are able to get to everyone in time.

Read Denver Post Story (Avalanche Traps Cars, Closes US 40)

Read Rocky Mountain News Story (Avalanche buries cars near Berthoud Pass)

Another Snowstorm Hits Denver, Round 3

Another snowstorm has hit Denver.  This is the third one in three weeks where we have received over 8 inches of snow.
Check out this story in the Denver Post, Another snowstorm? I’ll give you an earful.

This snow was not as bad as the first two, but it did cause its share of problems and driving in it was just crazy.  I spoke with some friends in the foothills and they have not received over eight feet of snow beginning with the first storm.

This is the most snow that I have seen since I moved to the Denver area, especially this is the longest that it has stayed on the ground without completely melting in between storms.

And there are rumors for another one coming next week.

DHL Now Surpasses UPS in Not Being Able to Do Their Job!

Well, I thought United Parcel Service (UPS) was the leader in not being able to do their job, but DHL has now topped that.
They have had a package in Denver since December 23 and they have not been able to deliver it. I thought UPS was bad, and they are, but DHL is now surpassing them. They have failed to deliver it and have no clue when they will be delivering it.

It is now going on two weeks since they received it and are holding it with no sign of when they will deliver it.

It has been two weeks since the storm caused all the problems, they should be caught up by now.

Storm Leaves Colorado

The storm left Colorado and it didn’t do too much damage to the metro Denver area.  Most snow totals in the metro area were in the 8 to 10 inch range.  Which on top of last weeks storm is quite a bit of snow.
But Boulder and the foothills got hammered, mainly on Saturday night.  Snow totals are anywhere from 24 to 48 inches.

These two storms have been tough, but the moisture that state got was needed badly and should help us out this summer.  I know the farmers got to be loving this.

Another Snow Storm Moving Into Denver

Another snowstorm is moving into the Denver area and it is expected to begin after 12 PM on 12/28.
It will be interesting to see what happens and how this one is handled compared to the previous one.  The problem with this storm is that the roads in the neighborhoods have not been cleared completely, there are shortages at the gas stations, and the grocery stores have been running out of the staples – milk, bread, and produce.  Some stores have only received one shipment of merchandise since the last storm.

A winter storm warning has been posted and they are calling for 10 to 18 inches of snow by Friday morning with blowing and drifting snow.  More heavy snow is expected through Friday until Saturday morning.

More on this one as it develops.

UPS Still Not Coming Through

United Parcel Service (UPS) is still not coming through in Denver.  It has now almost seven days since the package arrived at their regional facility here and they still have not delivered it.
I spoke with customer service and they have no clue what is going on or when my package will be delivered.  With another snowstorm bearing down on Colorado, who knows when it will show up.

In an interview published on ZDNET, the UPS CIO said that they will become more efficient and save $600 million a year by “through package flow technologies that include preloading vehicles in the morning, routing drivers according to volume and favoring right-hand turns.”  If they can’t even deliver packages, how do they expect to do this?

I expect them to lose a lot of money on this.