Road Map to Defeat

Road Map to Defeat – New York Times
This was an interesting op-ed.  The Democrats are doing whatever they can do to lose it, but they hadn’t won it either.

I found a quote interesting in this op-ed, “And the country wants to elect a Democrat.”  I don’t think the country wants to elect a Democrat, they want change.

John McCain has gone against the Republican leadership before and has fought battles.  I think that is why he is the presumptive nominee.  He pulls in the independents and gets back to core Republican values.  He is change from the current administration.

For the Democrats, Hilary Clinton is not change.  She is old eastern politics and a holdover from the 8 miserable years this country experienced under her husband.  The only reason she is where she is, is because of her husband was President.

Barack Obama is running on the change platform and his campaign is being really successful in garnering support from voters who have not previously cared or voted.  But he is not being realistic in his policies and programs. Continue reading “Road Map to Defeat”

McCain Defeats Romney in Florida Vote

McCain Defeats Romney in Florida Vote – New York Times
This is an incredible victory tonight by John McCain and may propel him to the GOP nomination.  Things aren’t done yet, this has been a crazy election, and anything can happen.

Rudy Giuliani will be dropping out and endorsing McCain.  Mike Huckabee is going to stay in the race and will siphon off votes from Mitt Romney.  So things get much more interesting as we head to Super Tuesday.

What is going to happen?  Will McCain start to runaway with the nomination?  How long will Huckabee stick around?  How will McCain survive the onslaught from the conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh?

Right now, I think it is still wide-open, but things are starting to slant towards John McCain who I think will be a good choice to run as the GOP nominee for President.

Interesting evening in New Hampshire

Well the polls did really well in the Republican primary, but were totally off base for the Democrats (so far).
John McCain won really easily on the Republican side over Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, but Hillary Clinton is doing quite well leading the Democratic primary in New Hampshire for now over Barack Obama and John Edwards. Edwards will finish third with Obama and Clinton fighting for first and second.

This is so despite trailing in the polls by 10 to 12 points yesterday in the final polls of the primary. If she wins or even finishes a close second, it will definitely be a big launch for her into the rest of the primaries.

It was amazing to me that before the results started coming in today how the pundits on the cable news networks were calling for major changes for Hilary, some even coming to the point that if Barack Obama wins by too much, the Democratic primary was over.

Another interesting sign is that Ron Paul does quite well in fundraising and publicity on the Internet, but when it comes to votes, he is a distant fourth. If he has all this popularity and it was sincere, he should be doing a lot better.

This is going to be a marathon and it could be that when the primaries are done and we head to the conventions, that there will not be a clear-cut nominee for the nomination of President from either of the two major parties.

It is going to be fun.