Media need to think more before they talk

I was just watching CNN and the anchor misspoke. She said that Droid has become the most popular Smartphone on the market.
The problem is that she was referring to Android overtaking Blackberry as the most popular smartphone platform.

The problem is that Droid is a phone that runs android and is made by Motorola. I’m sure Motorola liked the press, but it shows media talking about things they don’t really understand.

Last week the Denver Post ran a story with a headline that said about the Federal budget. The headline said the government shutdown was averted because the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution.

While the body of the story was correct, the headline implied something differently.

In this day of instant news, the media needs to work harder to get the story right.

CNN Being Irresponsible

I can’t believe how irresponsible CNN is being right now regarding the tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas.
They are talking with civilians and dependents on the base and they are giving away information of where they are at and what is happening on base.

During an incident, this is something that shouldn’t be happening. It gives operational information away and could harm those people still on the base.

You don’t know who is watching and what is really going on.

You need to protect the people still there and the law enforcement agencies who are trying to handle the situation.

CNN should know better and we should expect more from the media.

Campbell Brown Attacks McCain Aides video from <a href="" mce_href="">CNN Video</a>
I just want to say the aides who are attacking Sarah Palin are the most unprofessional people in the world. They are just developing excuses to save their own skin for a future job.

As a handler, spokesperson, etc. you are exposed to many things and you never, ever allow that to get out in the public. But they are going one-step further, manufacturing things. As Campbell Brown reiterated, CNN has already been able to disprove several of the claims.

I think Campbell Brown nails it in this comment.

Some people just need to grow up, accept responsibility and move on to the next job.