Do you believe the Presidential polling numbers

The polling numbers are all over the place.  Up and down. From one poll to the next, even those taken during the same time frame vary widely.
Real Clear Politics is pulling all the polls together and then averaging them.

For example here in Colorado.  A poll ran by the Denver Post (9/29-10/1) had the race between McCain and Obama a tie. Another ran by locals Ciruli and Associates (9/19-9/23) had Obama by +1. The national organizations polling in Colorado had Obama up 4-6 percent.

Do you believe the local pollsters who know Colorado or do you trust the national pollsters. Me, I tend to believe the local pollsters who know Colorado a lot better than the national pollsters.

Take a look at article that asks polling experts how accurate is polling.

What are your thoughts on polling and the accuracy of the numbers?

Obama – Biden Kings of the Earmarks

In this time of trying to be fiscally responsible, the Barack Obama and Joe Biden ticket are the kings of earmarks.
Since he joined the Senate, Obama has requested $860 million in earmarks. When NBC asked the campaign to disclose how many earmarks Biden had requested, they refused.

Earlier this year during the campaign, Joe Biden disclosed that he had requested $342 million in earmarks this year alone.

Sarah Palin?  She has requested earmarks also, but not that much.  As mayor of Wasila she received $27 million and as governor received over $400 million, scaling back their requests over the tenure of her term as governor.

Now, earmark crusader John McCain. How much has he requested in earmarks? $0! Zero!

For Obama to criticize the McCain – Palin for not being fiscally responsible is just plain wrong. Obama-Biden are two of the biggest abusers of the use of earmarks in the U.S. Senate.

Check out the video.

How the Democrats are liars and blocked John McCain’s attempts of reform and regulation at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

It is amazing to me that the Democrats are lying about their involvement in the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yes lying!
In the following clip, you can see Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, and other democrats attacking the regulator who exposed the “cooking of the books” by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac leadership.  

You have Barney Frank saying that he doesn’t see a problem and no need to see any new regulations.

You have Maxine Water saying that the GSE’s are working and that they should continue to give 100 percent loans.

Here is a quote from Rep Gregory Meeks (D-New York) during the hearing.

“They’ve done a tremendous job. There’s been nothing that was indicated that’s wrong with Fannie Mae. Freddie Mac has come up on its own. And the question that then presents is the competence that your agency has with reference to deciding and regulating these GSEs [government-sponsored enterprises]. And so I wish I could sit here and say that I am not upset with you but I am very upset because you know what you do is give, maybe giving a reason to, as Mr. Gonazlez said, to give someone a heart surgery when they don’t need it.”

And you have Republicans raising the flag and saying that there needs to be more regulation.  Take a look for yourself. Continue reading “How the Democrats are liars and blocked John McCain’s attempts of reform and regulation at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”

Upside Down American Flag Used on Credential for Obama Acceptance Speech? | Viewers question credential design
The Democratic Party and Obama campaign have released the credentials for the acceptance speech that Barack Obama will be giving at the end of the Democratic National Convention and Invesco Field.

But there seems to be a problem with the credential.  It appears to have an upside down flag on it.  The stars of the flag are in the lower left corner.  

Flying a flag upside down is the international sign of distress.  Are the Democrats in that much trouble?

Appropriate flag etiquette dictates that the flag fly with the stars in the upper left corner.

According to the story on 9 News, Matt Chandler with the Obama campaign says the flag is not upside down. He says it is a stylized flag designed to blend the stars on Senator Obama’s shirt with the flag blowing in the wind.

The Obama campaign seemed to miss this one.  When you are operating at this level, you need to look at the situation and anticipate how they may be used against you.

They missed this one and it is a big mistake that will be talked about for a while. Especially when they are trying to court the conservative vote.

Interstate 25 to close during Obama’s acceptance speech, no real reason to do this.

I just want to say that the security for the DNC is beginning to get ridiculous.  Closing roads around the Pepsi Center, when they are farther than 100 yards, is somewhat understandable.  
There are many people coming and going and who knows what the protestors will try.

But closing a major Interstate Highway through the middle of town is a little much.  It will be done to “protect those attending the event.”

This is a facility that hosts football games with people in attendance of about 80,000 people.  They don’t need to be protected like this?  Denver Police do a good job of protecting the attendees without closing the Interstate.

There is a quote about President Bush or Vice President Cheney visiting and closing roads.  But the difference is they are moving around town and the roads are only closed for a short time.  

This will close 5.5 miles of a major Interstate during rush hour.  Over 250,000 vehicles use this freeway during a normal day.

I just like the Denver mayor saying the impacts will be minimal. I guess he lives in a dream world and doesn’t have to drive this Interstate during rush hour.

I understand the need to protect the attendees and the presumed nominee for the Democrat Presidential Candidate, but this is going too far.

When the Pope John Paul II visited Mile High Stadium in 1993, they didn’t close the Interstate.  There were a bunch more people there than will be in attendance for the acceptance speech by Barack Obama.

But they don’t care what I say, they are turning this Nation into a police state and will do whatever they want to do.

Hosting a National Convention is becoming such an impact on host cities, I don’t think that they see the return on their investment.  Businesses are being impacted, employees are being forced to take time off without pay or use vacation, and colleges are being forced to close for a week and students are missing out on classes.

To me, it is not worth the hassle or cost to host a National Convention.

Road Map to Defeat

Road Map to Defeat – New York Times
This was an interesting op-ed.  The Democrats are doing whatever they can do to lose it, but they hadn’t won it either.

I found a quote interesting in this op-ed, “And the country wants to elect a Democrat.”  I don’t think the country wants to elect a Democrat, they want change.

John McCain has gone against the Republican leadership before and has fought battles.  I think that is why he is the presumptive nominee.  He pulls in the independents and gets back to core Republican values.  He is change from the current administration.

For the Democrats, Hilary Clinton is not change.  She is old eastern politics and a holdover from the 8 miserable years this country experienced under her husband.  The only reason she is where she is, is because of her husband was President.

Barack Obama is running on the change platform and his campaign is being really successful in garnering support from voters who have not previously cared or voted.  But he is not being realistic in his policies and programs. Continue reading “Road Map to Defeat”

Interesting evening in New Hampshire

Well the polls did really well in the Republican primary, but were totally off base for the Democrats (so far).
John McCain won really easily on the Republican side over Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, but Hillary Clinton is doing quite well leading the Democratic primary in New Hampshire for now over Barack Obama and John Edwards. Edwards will finish third with Obama and Clinton fighting for first and second.

This is so despite trailing in the polls by 10 to 12 points yesterday in the final polls of the primary. If she wins or even finishes a close second, it will definitely be a big launch for her into the rest of the primaries.

It was amazing to me that before the results started coming in today how the pundits on the cable news networks were calling for major changes for Hilary, some even coming to the point that if Barack Obama wins by too much, the Democratic primary was over.

Another interesting sign is that Ron Paul does quite well in fundraising and publicity on the Internet, but when it comes to votes, he is a distant fourth. If he has all this popularity and it was sincere, he should be doing a lot better.

This is going to be a marathon and it could be that when the primaries are done and we head to the conventions, that there will not be a clear-cut nominee for the nomination of President from either of the two major parties.

It is going to be fun.

Wyo. Dem chief: Clinton would hurt party

The Denver Post – Wyo. Dem chief: Clinton would hurt party
Well the Democrats are beginning to split over the selection of there nominee for President.  Today the Democratic Party Chairman in Wyoming John Millin sent a letter to the Denver Post.

In the letter he said,  “Every Democratic candidate in Wyoming will be painted with that same liberal, big-government brush. We will also be the target of the locker room jokes that rightfully belong to Bill Clinton.”

While this is true state chairmans usually keep quiet and let the states and voters determine who is going to run.  The reason is that if the candidate that they support is not the one who wins the nomination, it will be tough for them to lead the party during the Presidential election in the fall.

Millin has come out for Barack Obama.

It is going to be an interesting election.  But in the West, the question is how polarizing a figure is Clinton going to be.