Firefox 2 RC1 Reviews. Security & Utility Services Reviews by CNET

Firefox 2 RC1 Reviews. Security & Utility Services Reviews by CNET.
This is so cool I can’t wait until the new version comes out. I keep trying to go back to IE (My work does not like that I use Firefox), but I can’t. It just does not do what I need it to do. Firefox is so easy and it does not have as many problems as IE does.

We just need to get web programmers not to program websites for IE only.

Can’t beat the beer!

You can’t beat beer. It is the world’s best drink. And it doesn’t get any better this weekend in Denver with the Great American Beer Festival.
The 25th Annual Great American Beer Festival brings over 1600 beers and 380 breweries for a wonderful weekend of tasting beer. It is wonderful to attend taste all this great beer and share this with thousands of other people who also enjoy beer. It is a wonderful celebration in the state that has the largest number per capita microbreweries in the United States and some of the best are located right in Denver.

The INHD shoe Beer Nutz just profiled Denver on their show. The come to towns around North America looking for its biggest Beer Nut. They had a wonderful time and hit some of the greatest microbreweries in the city. Congrats to the owner at Falling Rock Tap House for being named the cities biggest Beer Nut.

You can’t beat the beer in Denver. More reviews and discussion of beer to come.

A Sad Day in Colorado

I want to send my sympathies to the family that lost a daughter today and to all the students affected by this incident and murder in Bailey.

Today is a sad day in Colorado.  There was another tragedy at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey.  (See Story)  Why does this keep happening?  Why can’t we prevent it?  I am sure that there will be many questions over the next few days.

I think the preparation by the Park County Sheriff and the school district saved lives.  Their evacuation plan was well practiced and was well executed.  But I wish that we could do more as a society to prevent this from happening.  There has been too many of these incidents around the country.

It is a sad day.


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