UPS Needs to Get A Clue!

Why isn’t United Parcel Service (UPS) delivering packages on Sunday in the Denver Region? Especially since they were unable to deliver on Wednesday and Thursday.
Read the UPS Press Statement.

This is their busiest time of the year and they are ignoring their customers who are waiting for packages.

Get a clue UPS, your competitors are delivering on Sunday. You are ruining a holiday for some wonderful children!

Let’s Give the Postal Employees A Round of Applause

It has to be tough this time of year for the U.S Postal Service employees.  It is the busiest time of year delivering mail and packages so people can have a wonderful Christmas.  And then…
A big snowstorm hits your area shutting down mail delivery for three days.  It is not fun.  Especially the routes that they have to deliver are in neighborhoods that have never seen a snow plow.

They are going the extra mile and deserve thanks and praise for helping us have a wonderful Christmas.

To see more of what they are doing, read this story in the Rocky Mountain News, Postal Service Going Extra Mile to Cleanup from Blizzard.

Tell them thanks when they drop your packages or mail off at your house.

Thanks to all the postal workers!

Pachelbel Rant

This is great. A comedian’s rant against Pachelbel’s Cannon in D. He had some tragic cello playing days when he was young.
He goes through all the songs that are out there today that use the same chords as Pachabel’s Cannon.

Denver Digs Out

It has been a crazy last couple of days.
I have spent the last couple of days of picking up a relative at the airport before they closed it and then trying to get back home. Helping my wife get into the garage while she got almost stuck in the street, and digging our house out so I could get to work on Friday.

DIA was not that bad when we were there, but you could see it building. They were already canceling flights. I just can’t believe people kept coming. I feel sorry for the people who were trying to connect through Denver and got stuck, but the people who live here and got stuck there should have known better. It is now the longest closer in DIA history.
This was one of the craziest and worst storms that I have ever seen here in Denver. I been through some bad storms when we lived at Lake Tahoe (82 inches from Friday night to Monday morning). But the storm affecting a large number of people and a large area, nothing like it.

I lived here for the last couple of storms that have hit Denver, but this one affected us more. It was longer and as much snow as the 2003. I tell you this, this snow got heavy and wet. It should help with the drought that we have been experiencing for the last year.

Up until the storm hit, we were tied for the driest year ever. Not anymore. I hope this helps everyone, especially the farmers on the eastern plains. They have been hit hard the last few years.

Check out the coverage in the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.

A New Video from U2

An interesting new video from U2.

They make an interesting use of other videos of some of the all-time greatest music artists and groups.

An interesting way to make a music video. The song is also really great! Typical U2, producing nothing but good music.

Iverson a Nugget

I don’t know if this is the best thing in the long-run, but in the short-term it will help.  This is because the top scorer in the league is sitting for 15 games because the NBA doesn’t want to punish the Knicks for starting the whole mess.
See the Rocky Mountain News Story.

The big issue will be in when Carmelo Anthony comes back in mid-January and the two top scorers in the league are on the court at the same time.

Also how will AI and George Karl get along?  Karl has done well and also struggled with high profile/troublesome players.  Maybe he will call his friend Larry Brown and get some advice?

Also, how will AI fit into the Denver Community?  The Nuggets are heavily involved in community fundraising and events.  AI will need to participate and show compassion for the community and they will except him.  Otherwise it will be tough for him to be accepted.  All of the stars in Denver Sports history have done tremendous community work and he will too.
But this is a tremendous step up for the Nuggets and makes them a legitimate contender for the title.

I think that this blogger has captured it pretty well, Iverson traded to the Nuggets.
Go Nuggets!

Fort Collins needs to be inclusive, not exclusive

In Fort Collins, Colo. they are excluding its Jewish citizens from celebrating Hanukkah publicly.  This even was covered in the New York Times.
The city of Fort Collins allows the Christians in the cities to place Christmas Trees in several parts of the city, but it is not allowing a rabbi place a Menorah for the eight days of Hanukkah.  They allowed a lighting cermony, but they wouldn’t let it stay for the entire eight days.

The good thing is that several community members are supporting its Jewish neighbors and placing menorahs in their windows and businesses.  In a time of strife throughout the world, we need to respect all religions and educate everyone about the many faiths that make up our country.

Don’t Trust Dennis Erickson!

What Dennis Erickson did to the University of Idaho is just plain wrong.  Sure, coaches change jobs and move onto greener pastures.  But this one was just plain wrong.
The school that rescued him from having permanent sofa but after he was fired by the San Francisco 49ers and he promised and he told them that he would take him to the next level, be there for 5 years, maybe longer and only leave when he retired.  But after 10 months, he leaves for Arizona State.  A wanna-be Pac-10 school that will never compete with the elite.

He can’t be trusted, especially when ASU talks to him about the job before even seeking permission.  I think Love (the ASU AD) and Erickson will go hand-in-hand into the sunset within a couple years, both a failure at ASU.

How are recruits going to trust him after he lied to the players at Idaho, especially the captain of the team.  He told the Captain at Idaho that he hadn’t decided if was going to accept the offer when he had already decided that he was going to.  As soon as he spoke with the Captain, in walked the Idaho AD and Erickson told him he was taking the job.

Jim Moore of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer had a pretty good column today, “Counterpoint: Erickson violates Idaho’s trust“.  It captures the sentiment and why Dennis Erickson can’t be trusted anymore.

Barney Returns for an Encore

The White House is at it again with another hilarious video from Barney.  This year’s holiday video is entitled, “Barney’s Holiday Extravaganza“.
Barney gets creative when OMB and Treasury tell him there is no budget for his movie.  In putting together his no budget movie, he passes on Education Secretary Spellings in favor of Karl Rove for the dancing scene.  And Tony Snow does a good job of putting Barney off and blaming the press corps.  Sounds like something he does every day. 😉
All-in-all this is a fun movie that gives someone a different look at the White House, especially during the holiday season when it is so beautiful.

Thanks Barney.  We are looking forward to more.

If you would like to see more, you can visit Barney’s Home Page at: 

David Pogue Says it Best…

David Pogue has a good comment on James Kim.  One of the Good Guys has captured it the best of what people have been saying about James Kim.  Even though this happened a few days ago, I keep going back to the situation and what would I do for my family.  I don’t know, but I would do anything I could do to save them.
My family means the world to me and I know James’ meant the world to him.

Let us all pray for the Kim family and say a special prayer for James this weekend and holiday season as we look at and think of our own families.

We will miss you James!