Make Your Spouse Happy With Gadgets For Both of You…

For those of you who like gadgets, but get in trouble with your spouse when you buy them, might want to consider checking out CNET’s new review entitled “Fully whipped 2.0: Top products with high wife acceptance factor“.
I personally like the Slingbox. Maybe my wife would have some time to keep up with her shows when she travels. When she is at home, we are all too busy with kids and housework to try and keep up. But I think that she would like the IPod Nano so she has more music to listen to as she drives around for her job.
This is also a good article to get some good gift ideas.

Firefox 2.0 Rates a 10!

Well, it took quite a bit to install the new IE7. But just as hard as it was to install IE7, it was just as easy to install Firefox 2.0. All you need to do is to go to and download it. Once it downloads, in a few minutes, just open it up and it installs quickly. No closing your browser or having to reboot, like in IE7. It is quick, easy, and painless.
The visuals are updated and more polished. The interface is better and more intuitive.

As you can see from my IE7 post, it was a difficult install and took quite a bit to get it set up and running appropriately. Firefox 2.0 was completely different and a breeze. You can’t go wrong in installing Firefox 2.0.

If you don’t believe me, you can read a review on CNET and see their review, they made it their Editor’s Choice. Overall, it is being well received. See those blog posts that have been cataloged by Technorati.

Go Firefox!

IE7 – Is it worth it?

Let me preface this by saying that I am a user of Mozilla’s Firefox. I think that it is the best thing out there right now.But as a web designer I wanted to see how it would display my pages and I was also a little curious. Who doesn’t want to see what is out there and I like trying new computer programs.
I first read a review of IE7 on CNET. It was pretty straightforward, but critical that IE7 didn’t go far enough to catch up to upcoming versions of Firefox and Opera.

I next went to the Microsoft site and went through their little guided tour and then tried to watch an online video on how IE7 made this person’s life better. What a waste of time. It is the stupidest video I have ever seen to try and promote a browser.

I even used the “higher resolution” one and it was like I was in the world of dial-up again. Microsoft, if you want to promote your products, get better advertising and better quality online videos!

Installation is another issue. Microsoft wants you to disable your virus software and your spyware software. And after installation is complete, you need to restart your computer. What a pain. Firefox does not ask you to do any of this.

I did have a problem one my computer rebooted though. The set up screen that pops up to help you set up the anti-phishing and search engine locked up and caused me to have to do a ctl-alt-del and end the program and then restart the program. I was able to manually do this once I restarted.

I have to say that I agree with the CNET review of IE7. It is an improvement over IE6, especially the tabbed browsing. But it still lags behind Firefox. The user interface is different and will take some learning and getting used to.

Overall, IE7 is an improvement, but it has a long way to go for me to start using it as my every day browser. Also, there has already been some minor isssues found in IE7 already. Go figure, a security bug in Internet Explorer.

It will be interesting to see what Firefox 2.0 is like when it comes out. The RC is now up to RC3 and is getting good reviews. More later on what I think of Firefox 2.0 when it comes out next month.

Utube vs YouTube

The trouble with having a similar domain name to a big name website. In a story covered in Reuters, “Utube web site swamped with YouTube fans,” people seeking YouTube have been swamping the site Utube, a tubes and pipes supplier.
According to the article, the Utube site owner said he was offered $1 million for the domain name from YouTube, but he declined, hoping for $2.5 to $3 million. YouTube denied that it was offering anything for the site and it wouldn’t do that.

Amazing what trouble a company or business can run into with a similar domain name. Good luck Utube.

Google to Acquire YouTube

I guess John Dvorak got this wrong on this weeks Twit episode when he said this was a totally false story. According to Google’s news release, they are going to acquire for $1.65 billion. It will combine the leading web video site (YouTube) with one video site that was really substandard (Google). The good news is that YouTube will operate independently, but we will still be stuck with Google Video.
There could be some sticking points. The main one will be the use of copyrighted material on YouTube. According to the Wall Street Journal’s announcement of this partnership, YouTube signed a partnership with CBS and Google announced a partnership with Sony BMG Music Entertainment to have music videos online at no charge.

It will be interested to see what happens with this and if Google can make it work. They certainly have the money behind them.

Firefox 2 RC1 Reviews. Security & Utility Services Reviews by CNET

Firefox 2 RC1 Reviews. Security & Utility Services Reviews by CNET.
This is so cool I can’t wait until the new version comes out. I keep trying to go back to IE (My work does not like that I use Firefox), but I can’t. It just does not do what I need it to do. Firefox is so easy and it does not have as many problems as IE does.

We just need to get web programmers not to program websites for IE only.