New York Times Reader

Well in my inspection of using an online reader for the New York Times, I stumbled upon the New York Times Reader.
This has been in Beta and is coming out of it soon. It may already be out of it.

This is really cool. It takes the paper and continuously updates it. If your device does not have internet access, you can read the latest version it downloaded. It is pretty simple.

It automatically scales to your screen size and it is quite easy to navigate between sections and pages. I think this will revolutionize newspapers and how they are read.

But there is one problem. The New York Times is charging $14.95 a month after 30 days. This is ridiculous. They sure know how to kill a good thing.

The New York Times is still living in the print world. If they want people to use it and make money, they need to charge a lot less. They would get a lot more subscribers.

Where Is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?

I am awaiting NBC‘s decision on when Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will return.
For some reason, NBC has placed Studio 60 on hiatus because it hasn’t been getting the ratings. But if you add in the statistics of people who are recording it on their DVR and watching it later versus live, the numbers are a lot higher. That doesn’t even take into account the number of people who are buying it on iTunes.

In the meantime, NBC is running programming that is horrible and not even worth watching. Need I mention the show The Real Wedding Crashers airing tomorrow night?

For the most part I have stopped watching NBC except for a few shows. Here is the stu

Bring back Studio 60. According to a post in TV Squad, Studio 60 is still filming and will have 22 episodes in the can. If you don’t want to bring it back, put up the rest of the episodes on iTunes so I can purchase them.

It was one of the best shows on television and NBC’s ratings will only go lower if this is gone. TV Squad also had a good post on why Studio 60 won’t be brought back and 30 Rock will be.

New York Times Electronic Publication

Well I just signed up for the New York Times Electronic Edition. It was free for seven days and then is going to become a version that charges
In the process, it kept having page failures and it created two accounts for me. But in their account maintenance page, I must call a phone number in order to cancel. The New York Times uses a service called NewsStand. I would stay away from it if I were you.

This is ridiculous. I should be able to cancel my subscription/account online without having to call someone.

Finally, I am not impressed with the service that they. It allows me to download to my computer and browse offline, but I want it in PDF, not whatever weird form that they have.

Improve the service and I may come back.

The Imus Lynch Party Succeeds

This past week, the sharks have been circling Don Imus for the comments that he had of the Rutgers womens basketball team.
Let me say this again, what Imus said was completely wrong. You can see my earlier post, ” .”

There were two great posts this week in the blogosphere.

One of them was by Charles Karel Bouley on the Huffington Post. In his post, “Politically Correct Lynch Mobs“, he describes how

“…the Black Offensive Police, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson sprang in to action (is there like a Bat Phone for this sort of thing?) and began demanding for Imus to be fired. Yes, these two masters of media manipulation were calling for a fellow broadcaster to be fired for what he said on air. And of course, no one is talking about the real issues because they’re too busy screaming racist! Racist! Fire him! Remove his livelihood, drag him through the mud!”

Sharpton and Jackson are too worried what would happen if they don’t speak up, they will speak up without completely knowing the facts. Do I bring up the Duke lacrosse case here? But, they saw the blood in the water with Imus and went for the juggler and succeeded. But they were going after the person and not trying to tackle the bigger issue.

What Imus said was completely wrong, but it is not something said by people all the time. Specifically rappers and hip-hop artists. But because he was white, he paid the price. Bouley even calls it reverse racism.

How insulting all this is. If he had made homophobic remarks, this wouldn’t be news. If he were Black, say Chris Rock, Mo’Nique, Marsha Warfield, this wouldn’t be happening. In fact, he’s a victim of reverse racism. The very definition of racism is when one race believes it can do something that no other race can, when they feel they have the right to do something no one else can do. Well, saying that a Black person could make these remarks but not a White person is an inequality and is wrong no matter how you slice it. But no one ever looks at it that way. If something is so horrible that it hurts people, then no one should be able to say it, period. Selective censorship is stupid, and racial censorship is even worse.

Sharpton, Jackson, and many others have been after Imus for his comments, but they are not holding others accountable for these same comments. They are hanging out with them, they are friends with them, and they don’t criticize them for the degrading comments that they make towards women, especially black women.

I would bet CBS radio has many radio stations that play rap or hip-hop and those same words and some worse words are played several times a day each. Are they firing those DJ’s? Are they going to stop playing those artists? I don’t think so.

I want to finish up talking about Pat Buchanan’s post yesterday entitled, “The Imus Lynch Party.”

No one should judge Imus for what he said. It is wrong what he said, but he is being held to a different level because he was white and made comments about black women. Here is what Buchannan said,

The issue here is not the word Imus used. The issue is who Imus is — a white man, who used a term about black women only black folks are permitted to use with impunity and immunity.

Whatever Imus’ sins, no one deserves to have Al Sharpton — hero of the Tawana Brawley hoax, resolute defender of the fake rape charge against half a dozen innocent guys, which ruined lives — sit in moral judgment upon them.

Buchanan finished his article with a great quote.

Imus threw himself on the mercy of the court of elite opinion — and that court, pandering to the mob, lynched him. Yet, for all his sins, he was a better man than the lot of them rejoicing at the foot of the cottonwood tree.

I whole heartily agree.  Imus was truly sorry and remorseful for what he said.  He does a lot of good things in this world.  He was fired in the middle of a telethon for children with cancer and he takes sick and inner-city kids to his ranch in New Mexico.  He has done great in the world.

Imus will be back on air soon and he will have as many listeners, if not more, when he comes back.  He is a good person who made a bad mistake.  We should forgive, not forget and have a larger discussion on the whole issue.

CBS Radio also needs to look at itself and also get rid of all the music that is degrading women.  If not, they are two-face and hypocritical.  They have set the bar for behaving like a radio network.  Now they need to be equal in it across the board.

Imus Firing Wrong

Let me begin that I no way condone what Don Imus said. It is just plain wrong and insulting.
But, the backlash that has happened since those comments are plain wrong. He made a wrong, was suspended, and that should have been it.

The president of CBS had a meeting with Rev Al Sharpton and then promptly fired Imus. What I am wondering is what did Sharpton threaten him with?

This whole thing is so hypocritical. Black musicians who perform hip-hop and rap constantly say the same thing that Imus said and they are not critized, held responsible, or lose their job. They are raised up as heros doing something with their life. But Imus, a white baby boomer says the same thing and he is crucified.

They can’t have it both ways. If they are going after Imus this strong, they need to go after those musicians just as strong. But I doubt that will happen.

If Al Sharpton feels vindication, he should look himself in the mirro and step down from his position as a radio talkshow host. He tried and convicted the three Duke players who he felt were guilty. The problem is that there is no proof that this happened. In fact, it probably didn’t happened at all.

To me, Sharpton wants it both ways. As soon as someone attacks him and call him on his statements, he turns it into a race issue. It is not a race issue. It is an integrity issue.

There was a good discussion on Lou Dobbs show today on CNN. You can read more here.

Imus has done a lot of great things. CBS had the gall to fire him in the middle of a telethon for kids with cancer where he had raised almost half-a-million dollars. He also takes inner-city kids to his ranch. This is not a bad person. It is a person who made a mistake. Tell me one person here who hasn’t said the wrong thing?

Imus will work again. But CBS made a big mistake.

Jib Jab Does It Again

JibJab has done it again and come up with a great cartoon parody.
This time they have done it with the news.  They have hit it right on.  The news has gone slowly down hill as they try to be profitable instead of reporting the news.

See What We Call The News by JibJab.

If you want to read up more on the news and what is happening, Frontline had a great documentary on it.  You can watch the whole thing online, News War.

For me, you can look at all the latest news regarding Anna Nicole Smith.  Why is that news?  I think that we have much more going on in this world that affects more people than what is happening with Anna Nicole Smith.

It would be nice to see better news presentation out there, but with the drive for money and to be profitable it won’t happen.

Bloggers and Online Users Need to Play Nice

There has been a lot of discussion and posts lately on threats and bad references on the blogs.  Particularly threatening were posts and comments to one blogger that she can canceled a presentation.
This has got to stuff.  When someone who posts something that threatens someone else, it is not protected speech.  Treating people like that is stupid and wrong.

I don’t know if we need to have a code of conduct, but we need to treat others on the Internet with respect.  We don’t need to be threatening other people.

If people insist on doing this, they need to be delink and not taken seriously in the blogging world.  People should feel safe to blog and surf the Interent.

I had some problems when I first launched this blog.  I was complaining about the service I was getting from UPS and some idiot was trying to threaten me down for stuff that he didn’t know.  People like that need to go away and get a life.  He was such a coward that he wouldn’t give his email or his real name.

You can’t threaten people to get what you want. It only emboldens them more to talk about the issues.

Use your words to defend or state your position, don’t use your words to threaten people.

Viacom Is Barking Up the Wrong Tree

I think that Viacom is barking up the wrong tree. YouTube and Google have done nothing wrong in how the operate.
They operate under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act where they remove infringing material when requested by the copyright holder. In fact, Viacom screwed up and screwed some posters when they requested a bunch of infringing material be removed and they requested that YouTube remove material that had nothing to do with Viacom.

The issue is that people are posting shows from various Viacom properties. In the suit, has Viacom been damaged from this posting by people who love these shows? I doubt it. In fact, I bet that Viacom is seeing an increase in their viewership because more people are watching their shows because they saw them on YouTube.

I hope this ends quickly in a settlement like YouTube has entered into agreements with other media companies, but I don’t think that is going to happen. YouTube/Google is ready to go to battle and in this copyright case they have a good chance of winning.

Read More:

C-SPAN Allows Video Use

It is nice to see a media company allow the use of video that is produced by Congress or a Federal agency.  This is a liberal copyright policy and is only fair to the American taxpayer because the American Taxpayer helps pay or has paid for this video.  Read the news release…  It does not include any video that C-Span has produced themselves.
In a statement from C-Span Executive Committee Chairman William J. Bresnan, CEO of Bresnan Communications said that the network’s directors enthusiastically endorsed the copyright policy liberalization. Bresnan said, “The cable industry created this network to allow citizens greater access to their government and this enhancement appropriately reflects the rapid changes in the online information world.”

A controversy erupted because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used video from C-Span on her website and bloggers accused her of stealing video from C-Span.

But in my opinion the use of video of Congress or a Federal agency that appears on C-Span should be free to use by the citizens since they have helped fun this station and the cameras that are used in Congress.  It is nice to see that C-Span agrees with that.

San Francisco Chronicle Out Sourcing Writing to India

In a story covered by the East Bay Express, the San Francisco Chronicle last week included a special advertorial section that was written by freelance writers in India. I thought that I had heard it all.
First it began with companies off-shoring their customer service to India because the margins on their products got so bad here that they couldn’t afford to pay workers here. Now newspapers are off-shoring their writing to India.

We are truly in a global world, but you can’t tell me that the San Francisco Chronicle can’t find qualified writers here in the United States. Come on Chronicle, do some work and find some qualified writers here in this country. Only writers here can understand what your readers would be interested in reading and the correct way to reach those writers.

This is almost as bad as the Tribune Company reducing the size of the Los Angeles Times newsroom to raise profits for shareholders.

This is also discussed in The Goat, a blog for High Country News. Link….