The commute in Denver is getting worse

I’m joking but one has to wonder if the Colorado Department of Transportation is colluding with RTD to make driving to and from work so bad that people will switch to public transportation. 

From where I would catch a bus and then switch to light rail it would take me just over an hour to get to work. 

My drive, that used to take 35 minutes, now takes about an hour. It’s making me consider looking at public transportation again.  

The projects that CDOT has planned in the north metro area is just a band-aide. A toll lane being added from 84th to 120th will do nothing to relieve congestion. It’s amazing to me that CDOT has done all this work in more affluent parts of the metro area but do something on I25 through Adams County and only put in a high occupancy toll lane. 

I and my neighbors pat taxes too and supported the other transportation  projects, we should get more than toll lanes. 

2 Replies to “The commute in Denver is getting worse”

  1. I agree that both CDOT and RTD have previously underinvested in the north part of the metro area, but that is definitely changing with RTD’s Gold and Airport lines.

    As for what to do about the congestion, adding lanes only makes the congestion worse (after a short period of it getting better). Study after study (as well as my personal experience with T-REX) has shown this. The only solution to congestion is getting people out of cars (or at least single occupancy cars). It’s not a conspiracy, it’s good policy to stop wasting tax dollars on bad infrastructure. We spend massive sums of money to subsidize cars and car infrastructure instead of other transportation that costs a lot less for the same capacity.


    1. I agree with you Mark. RTD has been lax in rolling out an improved transportation system. We need more of the train expansion and innovative thinking.

      But I25 between 136 and 84th is horrible. It backs up 7 days a week. Saturday and Sunday traffic may be worse than rush hour could dream to be. It shouldn’t be like that.

      If they are adding a lane each way, it shouldn’t be HOT lanes. It should be free lanes for everyone to use. It seems like they are penalizing the North Metro area because we are last in the highway upgrade.

      Thanks for commenting.


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