I’m getting tired of this election already, are you?

I’m getting tired of this election already. It’s been going on too long and the yelling, lying, boasting and accusing is getting worse.
If you watch CNN, MSNBC or Fox News all you see are stories on the election. Even the potential hurricane hitting Florida is more about how it will impact the Republican National Convention than how it will impact the millions who live in Florida.

We can’t even get away from it by watching non-network stations. Since I live in Colorado and we are a swing state we are getting bombarded by political ads on tv on most of the channels.

Plus we are getting robo-calls for candidates and robo-calls from PACS pretending they are doing a survey but it is so slanted that they are promoting a candidate.

I’m ready for November and the election to be over. But between now and then I expect to blasted with misinformation from both sides that will continue to turn me off to both candidates.

I just need to figure out which way I’m going to vote and being a swing state, it’ll actually matter.

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