Why do people believe experts on tv or radio?

I was headed to the airport earlier and KFBK in Sacramento brought on an expert to talk about safety for those big Christmas presents you bought.
They didn’t want you to put those big empty tv boxes outside in the garbage because it would be an invitation for thieves.

But then she said one thing that caught my attention. She said not to put your serial numbers of your devices into the cloud through your computer because if someone stole your computer than you wouldn’t be able to have access to it.

That is the entire reason to have cloud services. It is backed up off-site, one of the main tenants in a backup strategy. You can still access it without accessing your primary computer and if something happens to it, it will still be available.

This is what Evernote does quite well.

But this so called expert was talking like this is a bad thing.

Our media needs to be more vigilant in selecting experts and we as consumers need to be more vigilant to ensure what they are telling us is accurate.

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