The U.S. Postal Service Makes Use of False Advertising and Lies

The U.S. Postal Service are a bunch of liars and are getting away with false advertising.
I shipped a box to California from Colorado using Priority Mail from the U.S. Postal Service on December 18. Throughout all their documentation and advertising they say a Priority Mail shipment will be delivered within 2-3 business days.

In addition, they said if you wanted something to arrive by Christmas using Priority Mail, you had to ship it by December 21.

Well the package I shipped on December 18 failed to arrive. In addition, three Priority Mail envelopes that I shipped on December 20 that said would arrive on Thursday, December 23 failed to arrive.

So all the advertising that promises delivery in 2-3 days is a lie. If any other company was to do that and make those claims they would get hit up with false advertising.

When I called to complain, the Postal Service said that the 2-3 days is not guaranteed and it is only a guideline. Priority Mail is also not available for refunds. They said that they were out trying to deliver all the packages, but they probably had too many.

I met all their requirements and deadlines. They failed to meet their responsible service levels.

I’m sorry USPS, but if you can’t meet what you say you don’t deserve to be in business. No wonder your business model is failing. Failing miserably.

You just ruined Christmas for this family.

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