Twitter Updates for 2010-12-16

  • Why do we even have an estate tax? It's double-taxation. That $ has already been taxed as income, capital gains, and property taxes. #
  • @evernote looking forward to mac 2.0 when I get home tonight! #
  • @KyleClark you mean that you didn't bring any of your beer? #
  • The rain is turning to snow in north Westminster. Let's see if this storm materializes. #coweather #
  • Thanks for the weather forecasters in Colorado who predicted 3-7 inches of snow and we've had light rain mixed with a few flakes. #
  • Fleischman with a hat trick. What a hard working goal for the Avs to give them a 4-2 lead. #nhl #
  • @Jori5280 it should have been a penalty. Bad hit. The blackhawk player was laughing on the bench afterwards. #

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