Twitter Updates for 2010-11-20

  • Out of the office before the electricity gets turned off for weeknd & I won't be the 1st person to open refridge in breakroom on Monday. #
  • @redsoxunixgeek you can always root against them. #
  • Hey I can actually see the Boise State football team on the field tonight. They can't blend into the field in those orange uniforms. #
  • Duchene gets cross checked in the face while he was on the ice. Rangers player should be tossed or at least a penalty. #
  • Donovan lights the lamp for DU in the 16th minute to tie the game with Bemidji State. 1-1 Go Pioneers! #
  • The crowd is really quiet at Magness Arena tonight. Hope it's louder tomorrow night when I'm there. Go Pioneers #
  • Just realized why it's quiet at Magness Arena tonight. The students are out on winter break. Game tied at 1 with 5 min left in 2nd. #du #
  • Donovan gets his 2nd of the game and DU leads bemiji 2-1 in the 17th minute. Go DU! #
  • Donovan's 2nd goal ended up being tipped by Zucker so he gets the 2nd goal. DU 2-Bemiji State 1 at the start of the 3rd period. #
  • Zucker is just amazing I hope he sticks around a coupke of years. DU 2 – Bemidji 1 with 5 min left. #du #pios #
  • DU gets the empty net goal. Salazar taps in the Zucker pass and DU will win 3-1 over Bemidji State. Go Pios! #
  • Well at least Idaho scored more points against BSU than Fresno State scored. #

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