Twitter Updates for 2010-11-16

  • Arrived at work in the Lakewood/Golden area and it's lightly snowing. It's not sticking. Wonder if it'll amount to much? #coweather #
  • …and no, I won't be using Facebook email. I already give them too much of my information. #
  • Watching the Facebook stream. You know there is a problem with a company's culture when the reporters are dressed nicer than the presenters. #
  • Both the reporters & presenters should look professional. T-shrt and jeans on a company CEO is not real professional unlss you're Steve Jobs #
  • I don't care about code names for projects. That is too much inside baseball for a project announcement. #
  • WSJ is reporting that the Apple iTunes announcement tomorrow will be that the Beatles will be carried in the iTunes store. #
  • @DenverChannel I think you have the wrong coach. #
  • @DenverChannel saw that after I sent it. Thanks for getting back to me. #

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