Twitter Updates for 2010-11-13

  • I have to commend KTVB in Boise. They have done some great stories on the University of Idaho this week getting ready for the BJC game. #
  • I just ousted @techgirlgeek as the mayor of Delectable Egg on @foursquare! #
  • Time for an Idaho skillet on game day. Go Vandals! (@ Delectable Egg) #
  • Don't forget the Idaho-BSU watch party tonight at Breckenridge Brewery. Games at 7pm, but we'll be there before that. Go Vandals! #uidaho #
  • Yeah! Found out they recycle flourescent bulbs. (@ Lowe's – Westminster Orchard) #
  • Time for Idaho and Boise State. Go Vandals! #uidaho (@ Breckenridge Ballpark Brewery) #
  • @redsoxunixgeek we're getting there in Colorado. $2 pints at breckenridge brewery. #
  • Idaho alums getting ready for the game in Denver #
  • I like how they show the key bsu blocks but don't discuss the two blocks in the back that should have brought that return back. Go Vandals! #
  • This is not good by the Vandals. Let it hang out and play football. Everything will take care of itself. #uidaho #
  • Officials swallow flag on missed holding on that play and the BSU players was out of bounds. It should be 4th and 10. This is not good. #
  • There was a big time hold on that kick return that wasn't called. Horrible officiating. #
  • The comeback begins. Enderle to Greenwood for a touchdown. It's only 45-7. #
  • That is a total bs call. If anything its an offensive pi call. BSU looks to have bought the ref tonight. #
  • @redsoxunixgeek amen! That was a horrible call. #
  • That is a horrible call. They don't call it on BSU and then call one on Idaho when he hits him with his shoulder. The refs suck! #
  • @SR_JoshWright Keo got him with his shoulder. If you call that one, you need to call the hit on Enderle. It was vicious hit, but not helmet. #
  • @redsoxunixgeek you look at the hit by Keo, the side shot he lead with his shoulder. It looked like helmet hit but it wasn't. #

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