Unhappy with Congress

I am extremely unhappy with Congress right now.
This unhappiness is two-fold.

  1. That they passed a bill to delay the Digital television transition. The new date is June 12. This is something that has been on-going for several years and will only cost us more money. The only people who haven’t converted yet are those who will now procrastinate until we get closer to the new date.  It is ridiculous that this was done and only show the ineptitude of Congress.
  2. The stimulus package. There are many items in this stimulus package that will not help. It is a waste to put us into a further deficit and that needs to be adjusted before it goes forward. The excess spending is already causing problems in the Senate where it doesn’t have enough votes. Something needs to be done, but it should be something that gets the economy going, provides for new jobs, and actually does something. This package does not do that.

It is time that Congress goes back to its roots and actually represent the people and not big business who have the money to get in front of Congress.

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