Rocky Mountain News Supports McCain’s Health Plan

Dueling med plans : McCain’s offers consumers more long-term choice.
An interesting look at the health care plans and they feel that McCain’s is the best for the long-term, something a health care plan should be.

Contrary to Barack Obama’s ads, I will not see an increase in tax liability, I will see a net tax benefit.

McCain’s health care tax plan provides choice for families, where the choice belongs. It shouldn’t be the choice of government on what health care plan I use.

Obama tries to play the $5,000 going to health insurance companies and not into your pocket. Well it is for health care and should go there and the nice thing is you get to choose what is best for you and your family.

Under McCain’s proposal, if you don’t use the full $5,000 for insurance, the remaining can go into a health savings account.

According to Politifact and the nonpartisan Urban Institute, McCain’s plan would benefit lower income individuals and families over higher-income individuals and families.

An independent analysis from the nonpartisan Urban Institute confirms that: “In general, lower-income people with health insurance would receive benefits from the credit that would be well in excess of the value that they receive from today’s tax exemption. The gains are much smaller for higher-income people.”

I think that it is nice McCain’s plan leaves it up to the individuals to choose their plan and provide a tax credit for that, providing more of a benefit to those of lower income than higher without significantly impacting the deficit.

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