Obama – Biden Kings of the Earmarks

In this time of trying to be fiscally responsible, the Barack Obama and Joe Biden ticket are the kings of earmarks.
Since he joined the Senate, Obama has requested $860 million in earmarks. When NBC asked the campaign to disclose how many earmarks Biden had requested, they refused.

Earlier this year during the campaign, Joe Biden disclosed that he had requested $342 million in earmarks this year alone.

Sarah Palin?  She has requested earmarks also, but not that much.  As mayor of Wasila she received $27 million and as governor received over $400 million, scaling back their requests over the tenure of her term as governor.

Now, earmark crusader John McCain. How much has he requested in earmarks? $0! Zero!

For Obama to criticize the McCain – Palin for not being fiscally responsible is just plain wrong. Obama-Biden are two of the biggest abusers of the use of earmarks in the U.S. Senate.

Check out the video.

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