Upside Down American Flag Used on Credential for Obama Acceptance Speech? | Viewers question credential design
The Democratic Party and Obama campaign have released the credentials for the acceptance speech that Barack Obama will be giving at the end of the Democratic National Convention and Invesco Field.

But there seems to be a problem with the credential.  It appears to have an upside down flag on it.  The stars of the flag are in the lower left corner.  

Flying a flag upside down is the international sign of distress.  Are the Democrats in that much trouble?

Appropriate flag etiquette dictates that the flag fly with the stars in the upper left corner.

According to the story on 9 News, Matt Chandler with the Obama campaign says the flag is not upside down. He says it is a stylized flag designed to blend the stars on Senator Obama’s shirt with the flag blowing in the wind.

The Obama campaign seemed to miss this one.  When you are operating at this level, you need to look at the situation and anticipate how they may be used against you.

They missed this one and it is a big mistake that will be talked about for a while. Especially when they are trying to court the conservative vote.

3 Replies to “Upside Down American Flag Used on Credential for Obama Acceptance Speech?”

  1. How could this happen? Who approved the picture?
    I’m not looking to complain and/or put my party in a bad light by any means.
    I just believe the group who designed this was not abreast of the “NO MISTAKES ALLOWED” handling, representation and depiction of Our Beloved and sacred Flag. I’m certain they never served.
    I’m floored that No One Caught This. Maybe speaks to the Chain of Command (Denver Group) and the lack of management from a distance.
    Hope people aren’t too insulted and give their credentials back. Then local DCC heads will never be forgiven.
    Money was not raised within the time-frame, logistics were shaky at best. But, ALL the leaders promised that Denver was ready and could raise the money. Wow! Just mistakes and blunders all over the place.
    Obama has enough issues than to have his teeth kicked out by his own supposedly dependable World Class Team.
    Embarrassing to Say the least.


    Lofty speeches are great … but actons
    speak louder than words !!!
    In addition to 20+ more years of service and
    experience in the U.S. senate than the other
    candidate …
    One candidate, John McCain watched his fellow
    prisoner’s backs, at great cost to himself. After
    3 years as a tortured P.O.W. in Vietnam, he was
    offered early release by the enemy. But, since it
    would have been dishonorable to get released
    before his fellow prisoners, he refused, which
    resulted in 2 1/2 additional years of torture and
    The other candidate, Barack Obama threw his
    self proclaimed friend, spiritual advisor, and mentor
    of 20 years, under the bus for political expediency and gain.
    To vote for Obama, after learning these differences …
    will say as much about your character, as it does about
    the character of the two candidates.


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