Interstate 25 to close during Obama’s acceptance speech, no real reason to do this.

I just want to say that the security for the DNC is beginning to get ridiculous.  Closing roads around the Pepsi Center, when they are farther than 100 yards, is somewhat understandable.  
There are many people coming and going and who knows what the protestors will try.

But closing a major Interstate Highway through the middle of town is a little much.  It will be done to “protect those attending the event.”

This is a facility that hosts football games with people in attendance of about 80,000 people.  They don’t need to be protected like this?  Denver Police do a good job of protecting the attendees without closing the Interstate.

There is a quote about President Bush or Vice President Cheney visiting and closing roads.  But the difference is they are moving around town and the roads are only closed for a short time.  

This will close 5.5 miles of a major Interstate during rush hour.  Over 250,000 vehicles use this freeway during a normal day.

I just like the Denver mayor saying the impacts will be minimal. I guess he lives in a dream world and doesn’t have to drive this Interstate during rush hour.

I understand the need to protect the attendees and the presumed nominee for the Democrat Presidential Candidate, but this is going too far.

When the Pope John Paul II visited Mile High Stadium in 1993, they didn’t close the Interstate.  There were a bunch more people there than will be in attendance for the acceptance speech by Barack Obama.

But they don’t care what I say, they are turning this Nation into a police state and will do whatever they want to do.

Hosting a National Convention is becoming such an impact on host cities, I don’t think that they see the return on their investment.  Businesses are being impacted, employees are being forced to take time off without pay or use vacation, and colleges are being forced to close for a week and students are missing out on classes.

To me, it is not worth the hassle or cost to host a National Convention.

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