Road Map to Defeat

Road Map to Defeat – New York Times
This was an interesting op-ed.  The Democrats are doing whatever they can do to lose it, but they hadn’t won it either.

I found a quote interesting in this op-ed, “And the country wants to elect a Democrat.”  I don’t think the country wants to elect a Democrat, they want change.

John McCain has gone against the Republican leadership before and has fought battles.  I think that is why he is the presumptive nominee.  He pulls in the independents and gets back to core Republican values.  He is change from the current administration.

For the Democrats, Hilary Clinton is not change.  She is old eastern politics and a holdover from the 8 miserable years this country experienced under her husband.  The only reason she is where she is, is because of her husband was President.

Barack Obama is running on the change platform and his campaign is being really successful in garnering support from voters who have not previously cared or voted.  But he is not being realistic in his policies and programs.

McCain is from the West and the West will play a major role in who is elected this year.  In looking at the stances of the candidates, I just don’t think the two Democrat nominees understand the West.

For example, water is a major issue that we are facing and the candidates are not discussing it.  Water influences population, climate change, and is a major player in the economy.  By not discussing it, they are saying the West does not matter.

The Democrats are trying to show that the West does matter by having their National Convention in Denver.  But most of the delegates attending don’t know Denver or that Denver is located in the West.  It will be really interesting to see what happens at the convention.

I do think that it is great for this country that a women and an African-American are leading the way for one of the major parties.  It shows that this country has come a long way.

The latest polls show that McCain is leading against both Obama and Clinton.  It will be interesting to see if McCain can beat back the Democrats or once the Democrats settle on a nominee they will be able to define McCain and win back the White House.

It is going to be a fun summer and fall.

2 Replies to “Road Map to Defeat”

  1. Eight miserable years under Bill Clinton? As compared to George Bush? You have got to be kidding!
    Listening to the talk shows this morning I heard this remarkable quote, from a republican!
    “If the republican brand was a kind of dog food, they’d be issuing a recall and taking it off the shelves!”


  2. I am not saying that the Republicans are doing well either. Both parties are in serious trouble. There are more independents and people are bucking trends.
    The parties have gotten away from their roots and the partisanship is worse than ever. That all started under Clinton.
    We need to get back to working toward America first rather than Republican or Democrat first.
    What I was trying to get out of this post was voters want change.
    Hilary is not change; Obama is rather new to DC politics and is change, but inexperienced; McCain has been fighting the Republican establishment since he was elected and is change.


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