Media not covering the Presidential Election as much as they used to

The cost of covering the 2008 Presidential Election has grown to a point that newspapers aren’t covering it with their own reporters as much as they used to.
In an article that ran in the New York Times, The Buzz on the Bus: Pinched, Press Step Off, they discuss how major newspapers aren’t covering the presidential campaigns.

For most of the others, the price of admission — more than $2,000 for just one person to travel on Mr. Obama’s charter flights that day — was too steep, in an era in which newspapers in particular are slashing costs and paring staff, and with no end in sight to a primary campaign that began more than a year ago.

It is just getting too expensive for them to cover the events and who does that hurt? The voters. We are not getting the information we need but are getting bombarded with information that does not help us make an educated decision on who we are going to vote for.

Bloggers help, but for the most part they drive a lot of misinformation. Who should we believe?

Only a few newspapers are covering it full time. Most are relying on wire services for their coverage.

It is a sign of the times that things are changing in the media industry, but I wish something would come along that would provide the services that these news organizations used to provide.

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