Iowa Results are In….

Well the results are in for the caucuses in Iowa and Barack Obama has won the Democratic Caucuses and Mike Huckabee has won the Republican side.
The big news is that Hilary Clinton, all but ordained as the Democratic nominee a few months ago, finished third behind John Edwards. What does this mean for Hilary next week in New Hampshire?

I think that this is big trouble for her. Obama is going to have all the momentum as they head for the small state in the northeast. Clinton is going to have to get it in gear.

The funny thing is that everyone is playing this up as a big win for Obama, but with 98% of the precincts reporting, Obama has 16 delegates, Edwards has 14, and Clinton has 15. That is the number that counts.

The next big thing is how well that McCain did in Iowa while not campaigning there. I think it was surprising how well Fred Thompson did. He was polling a lot lower than his final vote tally came to be. Ron Paul even picked up 10% of the vote and two delegates.

With 98% of the precincts reporting, Huckabee has a big lead in delegates so far. Huckabee won 14 delegates, Romney won 9 delegates, Thompson and McCain have won at least three delegates.

It is going to be a fun primary season!

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