Twitter Updates for 2007-12-08

  • Had a fun nigh tonight with family and friends. Kids played and got to say hi to Santa when he visited. A pretty cool evening. #
  • Trying to add flickr to my Plaxo account and it is not finding it. ARGHHHH! #
  • Why does Comcast send me messages on my cable box for products that I already subscribe to? They should figure that out and not send to me. #
  • @chrisg1968 That is a pretty good one. #
  • @chrisg1968 A lot. I have some friends on Plaxo, LinkedIn, Pownce, Twitter. At least I don’t have a Facebook account. #
  • I need a new computer. I am trying to capture and edit video and my computer keeps hanging. I don’t want to reinstall XP. #
  • @milehighsoapbox I have twitter, pownce, vimeo, youtube, skype, flickrx2, gmail, vitalist, remember the milk, & more. Too much too! #
  • Having coffee with my son (who had hot chocolate) at Starbucks on a cold snowy Saturday morning in Denver. #
  • i view Twitter on my smartphone, I wish it would remember me each time I login. Entering login each time is wasteful. #
  • @chrisg1968 Bummer for me. I wish I didn’t have to do that. #
  • Boy buying doll and white rose for dying mother to take to sister in heaven in email again. #

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