Twitter Updates for 2007-11-26

  • Got most of the Christmas lights up and now enjoying a Breckenridge Christmas Ale and watching the Broncos demolish the Bears. #
  • The Broncos special teams are horrible. A punt return for td, a kick-off return for td and a blocked punt. Horrible. #
  • The way the Denver Broncos played tonight, they don’t deserve to win the AFC West. They are pitiful! #
  • @geoffliving Every Ship Must Sail Away, Blue Merle #
  • @chrisg1968 Since more and more people have broadband at home, is it really cyber-Monday anymore? #
  • I am traveling from Denver this morning and never got through security as easily before. I just walked right up. #
  • Skywest, operating my United Flight today is really blowing it. we are waiting for potable water. 1/2 hr late. #
  • The Crowne Plaza in Billings, Mont. has really gone through some upgrades and is really nice. #

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