Twitter Updates for 2007-11-23

  • Opened a bottle of wine and the cork just pushed right into the bottle shooting all over me. It was not a fun experience. Glad I was home. #
  • I am watching the USC-Arizona State game. It is so nice to see Dennis Erickson lose. He is such a loser! #
  • October Road is back. I thought they were done and cancelled last spring. It is good to see it back. #
  • Watching a re-run of Leno and the Marine Sergeant had a tough time identifying a photo of Iwo Jima. #
  • Going shopping at a ridiculously early hour. Why are we doing this? #
  • fighting the masses at JcPenny’s and not finding what we are looking for. #
  • Well we have survived JcPenny twice, Sears, & Target. Heading home to relax. We are done! #
  • Watching the Colorado – Nebraska game. I am glad that Colorado came back and is dominating the game. Nebraska is going down. #

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