Where’s That Energy Bill? – New York Times

Where’s That Energy Bill? – New York Times
This is a great editorial from the New York Times. This was a highly anticipated bill, but it has fallen into some hidden office in the Capital.

Since the oil prices are going through the roof and the public has an increased awareness of energy issues, it would be the perfect time for Congress to take action.

But Congress is more divided than they ever have been in their history. It used to be the different sides of the aisle would fight on the floor of the House or Senate, but they respected each other to sit down out of the public eye and would work out a solution that everyone could handle.

But because they can’t get along, Americans will suffer.

We will not have solutions to the energy crisis that we are facing now. America needs to take action and the table is set for Congress to take action. But they are choosing to fight on the playground instead of coming home and sitting down and having dinner.

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