Schools Brainwashing Kids?

In Vermont and probably around the country, schools are studying climate change and global warning. But are they studying the science or are they studying popular culture?
According to a an article in the Burlington Free Press, “Global Warming in Schools“, students are testifying before the legislature about global warming, watching An Inconvenient Truth” and “Too Hot to Handle“, and putting on plays.

The problem is that they are only pushing one side of the issue. By pushing one side of the issue they are misleading students and they are brainwashing them to one side of the story. Students need to be presented with both sides of the story or issue and stimulate discussion, more research, and let them form their own opinion.

Also, students should receive good science and information. Not propaganda for one-side of the issue. By showing two controversial movies that exaggerate the issues and make false statements and not the other side that gives information to provide balance, goes further than schools should go.

Now, to fully disclose my standpoint on this issue to be fair. I feel that the climate is changing and humans may be influencing it. But the sky is not falling. We need to do what we can to reduce our use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. But we need to study it and use good science.

Schools need to be teaching our students and provoking thought. Not present one side of the issue and ignore the other. The best teachers that I had in school made me think about an issue and fully investigate that issue, form my own opinion, and then write and/or discuss it. This is not happening in Vermont and who knows where else.

Schools, get off your ivory tower and teach our children appropriately.

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