C-SPAN Allows Video Use

It is nice to see a media company allow the use of video that is produced by Congress or a Federal agency.  This is a liberal copyright policy and is only fair to the American taxpayer because the American Taxpayer helps pay or has paid for this video.  Read the news release…  It does not include any video that C-Span has produced themselves.
In a statement from C-Span Executive Committee Chairman William J. Bresnan, CEO of Bresnan Communications said that the network’s directors enthusiastically endorsed the copyright policy liberalization. Bresnan said, “The cable industry created this network to allow citizens greater access to their government and this enhancement appropriately reflects the rapid changes in the online information world.”

A controversy erupted because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used video from C-Span on her website and bloggers accused her of stealing video from C-Span.

But in my opinion the use of video of Congress or a Federal agency that appears on C-Span should be free to use by the citizens since they have helped fun this station and the cameras that are used in Congress.  It is nice to see that C-Span agrees with that.

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