San Francisco Chronicle Out Sourcing Writing to India

In a story covered by the East Bay Express, the San Francisco Chronicle last week included a special advertorial section that was written by freelance writers in India. I thought that I had heard it all.
First it began with companies off-shoring their customer service to India because the margins on their products got so bad here that they couldn’t afford to pay workers here. Now newspapers are off-shoring their writing to India.

We are truly in a global world, but you can’t tell me that the San Francisco Chronicle can’t find qualified writers here in the United States. Come on Chronicle, do some work and find some qualified writers here in this country. Only writers here can understand what your readers would be interested in reading and the correct way to reach those writers.

This is almost as bad as the Tribune Company reducing the size of the Los Angeles Times newsroom to raise profits for shareholders.

This is also discussed in The Goat, a blog for High Country News. Link….

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